3 Birth Defects: Symptoms and Treatments

3 Birth Defects: Symptoms and Treatments

Body defects can occur both before and after birth, and these defects can be structural or functional. Structural defects include when body parts or organs are not fully formed or missing. In contrast, functional defects can cause disability in any body part or the intelligence development of the infant. Some functional or structural defects can go unrecognized for months or even years in some rare cases. 

The defects can happen to mothers with higher-risk pregnancies, and maternal age can cause the defect as she doesn’t have enough nutrients and a healthy body to give it to the baby. Sometimes, it can be detected by doctors while the baby is still in the womb so that they can treat it when there is still time for its development. At Ankura Hospitals, the specialized doctors provide your baby’s top-notch treatment and facilities.  

3 Common Birth Defects

Three prevalent congenital disabilities can occur in any infant or fetus. The defects are as follows with their symptoms and treatment details:

Heart Defect

There are a few heart defects but no severe medical issues if someone has this. According to a government-conducted survey, more than a million adults and infants live fully, even with the defect.

This defect can be found at birth and affects the heart walls, valves, and blood vessels. A typical heart defect that mostly happens in babies is VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), in which a hole in the wall separates the heart’s two lower chambers. 

Heart defects can happen when a mother has some kind of infection like rubella during pregnancy or is diabetic. Sometimes the defect can be picked during the ultrasound, but it can remain undetected a few times. 


  • Increment in heart rate and breathing.
  • Swelling under the eyes or on the tummy or swollen legs.
  • Always looks tired and lethargic.
  • A blue shade can be seen on the lips or skin. 
  • Having problems with sucking and swallowing.


All the above mentioned are symptoms for a baby if they are suffering from any heart defect. Still, it can be treated with proper medication prescribed or recommended by a child specialist. But if your baby is suffering from VSD, it will improve with time and does not need proper treatment. And if the defect is causing more problems, then surgery is the option you can take. It is 80% effective for any newborn. You could consult the best childcare hospital ‘Ankura’ to resolve your issues.

Cleft Lip or Palate

A cleft lip or palate can happen when the formation of the lips does not develop properly. It can be cut on the upper lip, which separates it into two parts. The cut can go up to the nose or affect the lips’ lower part too. This can happen because of a lack of folic acid in the mother’s body during pregnancy or if any medication is taken without the doctor’s consultation. 

As for symptoms, they can be seen after the birth of the baby. But few things will bother your baby if it doesn’t get treated. It will be a problem in the following ways:

  • In feeding as it will not cover your nipples properly
  • In growing out the teeth
  • Or can develop a speech defect

The treatment process you can get from a well-known hospital or medical center is surgical. When your baby turns six months old, you can get the treatment done because it needs a lot of care after the treatment for faster recovery. Surgery is the only way, and it is very effective if you have chosen the right center.

Twisted Foot or Club Foot

This is a condition where the foot of the baby is twisted, or you can say it looks upside down. This defect does not cause pain or discomfort as the baby is born with it. The reason for this is unknown, but three types of treatment are available according to the baby’s condition.

To get it treated, the doctors use the ponseti method and the French method. In ponseti, they first stretch the infant’s foot in the manner and then cast it. And in the French method, they first stretch it the same as ponseti, but they use taping after that. And if these both don’t work, the last option is to get surgery. Ankura Hospitals use the best techniques and treatment to help your baby live a healthy life.

Get Your Best Fetal Care at Ankura

All the issues related to pregnancy or the baby can be resolved with a team of skilled doctors and surgeons at Ankura Hospitals. We are the No.1 leading hospital in childbirth. Here we get you proper fetal care to prevent all the mishappenings in the future, and even if someone comes with problems, we are here to seek you out of the problematic situation with proper and best medical treatment. We use advanced obstetrics called fetal medicine, which helps detect the defects before birth; therefore, we can treat them right there in the womb by giving the right medicinal suggestions and care.

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