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Deciding to get pregnant can be a step that involves multiple aspects to consider; it is essential to evaluate and ascertain the risks involved, understand the complications that may arise, and build a suitable delivery plan. 

Begin your journey with us so our panel of specialized doctors, nurses, and surgeons can give you the guidance, care, and attention you need. While conception comes easy to some, it can take a different course for others. With our expertise and professional knowledge, we don’t just focus on giving you a smooth delivery; we also ensure that we are with you through and through those nine months. Consult any Ob-Gyn at Ankura, and you are sure to receive the right kind of advice and assistance.

PreConception Consultation Should Be a Priority!

A preconception check helps you prepare yourself physically and mentally for pregnancy, as well as parenthood. A detailed discussion with your Ob-gyn before conception enables you to understand what to expect from pregnancy, weigh the challenges to conception and have a better understanding of what it means to become a parent. 

For a wide range of reasons, several couples have difficulties in conceiving a child. Still, the latest upgrades and innovations in science and technology have proved that there are other ways of getting pregnant, like Intrauterine Insemination(IUI). Keeping fertility issues aside, things like ovulation irregularities, low sperm count, and problematic underlying medical conditions can all play a role in making conception challenging and stressful.

Thus, couples should undergo preconception counseling that helps conceive a child and aids the planning required for a family. Comprehensive preconception counseling will include investigations, analysis, diagnostics, and discussions to give you a holistic picture of parenthood you wish to embark upon!

Any investigation undertaken during a preconception check would essentially involve,

  • Medical & surgical profile
  • Ob/gyn history
  • Physical examination
  • blood work
  • Cardiovascular check
  • Semen analysis
  • Gynecology examination

Pregnancy & parenthood is as much of a psychological exercise as it is a physical one. Understanding these nuances and appreciate the challenges & opportunities to come are all covered under preconception counseling!

Come Experience 9 months of Maternal Bliss with Ankura.

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