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Be it a natural birth, Cesarean delivery or premature birth, we stick by your side to give you the best care, comfort and support during your delivery right till the end!


Delivery is the culmination of the pregnancy term and the arrival of the baby. A hassle-free birthing experience requires you to meticulously follow the doctor’s advice and devise a suitable birthing plan with your Ob-Gyn.

Labour is one of the most stressful steps involved in the entire pregnancy term, a pregnant woman would typically experience 4 stages of Labor:

  • Effacement And Dilation- In this stage, the cervix begins to dilate and expand to an average of at least 10 centimetres within 12-13 hours of active labour. This stage typically includes early labour, active labour and transition to the second stage of labour. In the early labour stage, you can still walk around and do your chores, however as soon as the frequency intensifies, active labour begins, wherein, talking becomes hard, contractions increase and your water might break. After this, you transition into the 2nd stage, which involves trembles, hot and cold flashes, painful contractions and sweating.
  • The Second stage of Labour involves a fully dilated cervix and the baby to be pushed out of the birthing canal! This stage requires medical help and support since the mother needs to push with each contraction to make the delivery possible.
  • Once the baby is out,10 to 15 minutes post-delivery, the uterus continues to contract so that the placenta can come out as well, this is the Third Stage of Labour.
  • The final and fourth stage involves extensive nursing to the mother and baby, and assistance with breastfeeding and post-delivery vaginal care.

Childbirth classes also help parents understand what happens during the course of labour and what to anticipate in advance. They receive counselling on pain, fear and stress and all queries regarding the same are answered by experts to assuage their fears.

Parents-to-be also learns about epidurals and pain-relief for the labour – how it is beneficial, side-effects, if any, and the methods of delivering pain relief. The obstetrician will help the parents understand the delivery process and answer their queries on ante-natal care.

In cases where natural birth is a risk or simply not a choice, Cesarean surgeries are the way to go! In this method, the surgeon makes an incision in the lower abdomen and the uterus and pulls the baby out manually instead of a natural delivery, this procedure usually creates a less painful birthing experience for the mother and reduces certain complications, if any.

Amongst all the pain management options available, Epidural is the best method. Epidural can allow you to rest, relax, be focused and give you the strength to actively participate in the birthing process. It helps in reducing the discomfort of childbirth and promotes a more positive childbirth experience!

At Ankura, with the help of our experienced professionals with expertise in all the latest medical procedures, we are bound to give you and your family a heavenly birthing experience!

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