Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby: Essential Tips

Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby: Essential Tips

Breast milk of a mother has many nutrients that are very essential for any baby. And it is the only thing that can keep illness or infection of any type away from the baby. But sometimes the birth can be premature because of some issues, in which the newborn needs extra care.

That is why we are here to let you know some important and helpful tips that you can use to breastfeed your premature baby. There are many hospitals and medical institutions that help you in getting the full advisory about your situation. And at Ankura, we do the same with the best renowned doctors and medical staff in this field.

How Does Breastfeeding Work?

When a woman gives birth there is a  hormone called progesterone that produces milk in the breasts of a new mom as per the baby needs. A premature baby needs different kinds of nutrients than a matured one. That is why when a woman gives birth all the hormones work as per the wants of the baby. A newborn needs help in sucking and swallowing the milk until it turns into 34 or 36 weeks old, therefore you need to use some methods in achieving this task. Breastfeeding is essential for a baby till he crosses his first 6 months. 

As it plays an important role in a baby’s development and growth stage, whether it is physical or mental. But sometimes this small and easy task can be the most difficult one. That’s why some experts have given the tips that will assist you from an arduous situation.

Effective Tips to Consider:

  • Expressing The Milk

As above, you already know that a newborn is unable to suck or swallow milk and a premature baby is weak in comparison to the fully grown ones. Therefore, you will need to take this method in giving the baby proper nutrition. Expressing is a process that is almost done by every mother to bring the milk out of their breasts. It needs a hand to press your breasts and then the milk comes out of it with that pressure or sometimes mothers usually use an electric or manual pumper to get the milk out. As an infant, it can’t do it by itself.

The hospital staff and the doctors always recommend this method as it is easy to do and is very effective. You can also store the milk in any bottle or syringe if it comes in excess.

  • Kangaroo Care

Keeping a close skin to skin contact with the premature baby can help a mother to boost their relationship between the both. So that the expressing time of a mother can be done more easily. Most mothers seem to be relaxed and calm with their babies around while expressing because it helps in uplifting the process and makes it more reliable.The kangaroo care helps in growing a connection that helps the baby to get comfortable with the environment.   

This care also involves skin to skin contact when the baby is weak and can not interface with anybody else, it needs to be hugged on the chest of its mother with a blanket on for as long as it can go. This is why it is called kangaroo care because a kangaroo keeps her baby in her pocket for a long time and caresses the baby with skin to skin connection, that gives out a warm and lovable sensation. 

  • Tube-Feeding Process

If a baby is born before its calculated time, it cannot proceed with the natural things just like that. That is why they are weak and need extra support for everything. Tube-feeding is a medical procedure that can only be taken when a doctor suggests it in the hospital. It can be a painful process but it is also essential for the baby to have those nutrients after the birth. 

The process starts with a tube that goes by the mouth or nose to the stomach. This only takes place when it is a lot necessary and the baby is too weak to handle the manual procedures and all this happens under the sight of a proper medical staff. In Ankura Hospitals there is an expert team that helps in childbirth and many more medical needs related to women and children.

  • Formula Milk

Sometimes breast milk cannot give enough nutrients, proteins and vitamins to the premature baby. Therefore, doctors suggest an add up solution that is formula milk. Formula milk is an add up or an alternative solution for breast milk as it contains the same nutrients like it but mothers should not stop feeding their babies on their own. Because if formula milk is necessary for extra care, breastmilk is a necessity for any baby.

Always choose the formula milk recommended by a child specialist as they know which one will be the best choice for your infant.  If you want to consider the best child specialist hospital, you can give a try at Ankura Hospitals.

The Best Child Specialist Hospital: Ankura!

Parents always want to go to the best doctor when it comes to their children. That is why you should choose one of the best hospitals that specializes in children and women. They use the current best techniques to help out anyone who is in need. The medical staff at Ankura treat the children with good care. They have 3 level neonatal intensive care for premature or very sick infants and a team of highly trained neonatologists, and nurses that are available 24×7 to provide the extensive care to newborns. The facilities that they provide you are: an advanced respiratory system as it is necessary for the baby, nitric oxide for inhaling, ultrasound and echocardiography with the best equipment. Ankura makes sure that you will step out with your healthy baby in your hands. The most trusted and recommended hospital in terms of children and women.

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