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Breast Feeding/Lactation Support


Food and nutrition is a vital component of ensuring a healthy mother and child, the first possible things that a newborn has is the mothers milk, this is also the best possible food for your baby as it contains a culmination of nutrients like, 

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

Babies born before 37 weeks have a weakened immune system, which makes it more difficult for them to fight infection. Breastfeeding a premature baby will help to protect them.

Breast Milk also contains  antibodies, hormones and other nutrients needed for growth and development of the new born baby!

Whilst the process of breastfeeding sounds easy, it can be a little more complicated than expected, Women may experience trouble due to lack of awareness or certain other issues.  We offer comprehensive breastfeeding support to help you give your child the best nutrition.

A few common issues that might arise are,

  • Cracked nipples is one of the most common problems that occurs mainly due to an incorrect position , which is why help from a nurse or a breastfeeding specialist  is essential.
  • You may be unsure about whether your baby is getting enough milk.Alternating between both breasts and help from a specialist can help you gain confidence and support.
  • Engorgement is another common problem that occurs, it causes tightness, pain and extreme lactation which might lead to blocked milk ducts as well. The process of breastfeeding then might become slightly  painful.
  • Thrush infections lead candida fungus to enter the breast through cracked nipples and cause infection. Which might be harmful for the mother and child.
  • Inflammation of the breast, called Mastitis, can also cause flu like symptoms and if not treated can lead to breast abscess. 

The above health conditions are the reason why you need a full fledged breastfeeding support! Breast feeding is also the first area of bonding for the mother and child, it helps develop a loving relationship and a strong emotional bond with the baby, it can also improve mental health and wellbeing for both the mother & child.

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