Pediatric ENT

pediatric ENT

Our Pediatric ENT team at Ankura is recognized for its expertise in treating conditions for Ear,Neck,Throat and related structure.At Ankura, we partner with our patients to provide personalized & comprehensive  care through the latest techniques to cater  child’s needs whether it is routine or complicated.

We offer compassionate care and support and strive to be the most reliable and trusted health care partner for your child since initial valuation till recovery

Condition treated:-

  1. Hearing loss
  2. Acute and chronic ear infections
  3. Cholesteatoma
  4. Congenital ear abnormalities
  5. Preauricular sinus
  6. Nasal obstruction/swelling
  7. Choanal atresia
  8. acute and chronic sinusitis
  9. Epistaxis
  10. Tonsil and Adenoid hypertrophy 
  11. Sleep disordered breathing
  12. Tongue tie
  13. Neck swelling/Lymph node biopsy
  14. ENT and Airway foreign bodies
  15. Flexible laryngoscopy/ Bronchoscopy
  16. Laryngomalacia
  17. Subglottic stenosis/Tracheal stenosis
  18. Vocal cord paralysis

Get In Touch With Us

Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry. Our doctors will receive or return any urgent calls.

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