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A one stop centre for the healthcare needs for new age women and children

Ankura hospital for women and children at Gachibowli is an advanced, digitalised, and one-
stop centre for the holistic healthcare needs of women and children. We bring to you the
latest cutting-edge technology backed by a team of experts to provide the best care to you
and your little loved ones.

Beautiful and luxurious interiors with home-like comfort make Ankura Gachibowli, the
perfect place for birthing. Huge and advanced LDR rooms, competent and best team of
gynaecologists, dedicated prenatal and perinatal care, advanced fetal medicine care and
trained nursing staff make birthing a memorable experience at our world-class centre. Our
expertise is available 24*7 to care for women of all ages and stages. We also offer
treatments related to gynaecological oncogynecology, cosmetology to attend to the
complex and specific health and aesthetic needs of women. Our experienced team of
gynecologist and obstetricians, dedicated nursing staff who work round the clock, and
spacious and well-equipped rooms at the center make such care possible.

Spacious and child-friendly interiors make Ankura hospital, Gachibowli the perfect place for
children of all ages, who can avail the best healthcare facilities at their comfort. Our center
which is equipped with 110 beds, offers all pediatric super-specialties under a single roof.
From routine vaccinations to children requiring specific and advanced care our center is the
perfect place for all the healthcare needs of your child. Our 25 bedded level III NICU and 12
bedded level III PICU are equipped with the latest and world-class technology to provide the
highest level of critical care to premature and newborn babies (including extreme preterm
low birthweight babies). care.

We are proud to have the best team of critical care experts including our neonatologists, pediatric intensivists, and pediatric surgeons. Our nursing staff who have been trained to provide care to babies and children requiring critical are available 24*7. A hub to attend to all the simple and complex healthcare needs of children and the in-house laboratory and radiology facilities at our centre make it a one-spot place to provide the highest level of personalised care to your loved ones.

Besides our exclusive services, a 24*7 pharmacy is also operational at the centre for the
convenience of our valued patients. We at Ankura Gachibowli are here to provide you the
personalised care you and your loved ones deserve.

Gachibowli - Ankura Hospital
Our Gachibowli Center

Our Services Include:

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Preconception Counseling
Prenatal Care
Fetal Medicine & Ultrasound
Labour & Delivery
Painless Delivery
High Risk Pregnancy
Post Natal Care
Lactation Counseling & Support
Minimum Invasive Surgery
Menopause Treatment
Menstrual Disorders
Pelvic Floor Issue
PCOD Management

Pediatrics Services

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
General Pediatrics
Pediatric Neurology
Pediatric Nephrology
Developmental Pediatrics
Pediatric Allergy & Pulmonology
Pediatric Surgery & Urology
Pediatric Endocrinology
Pediatric Dermatology
Pediatric Gastroenterology
Pediatric ENT
Pediatric Rheumatology & Immunology
Pediatric Emergency
Gachibowli - Ankura Hospital


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    Ankura Hospital: Top Women and children's hospital near me in Gachibowli!

    Looking for the best women and childcare hospital near me in Gachibowli? Then, look further than Ankura hospitals. Our goal at Ankura Hospital is to make our parent's experience of having a new member memorable! We understand that this is a significant occasion to celebrate. Our team of experts is always available to help our patients with every treatment they require before, during, and after pregnancy. 

    From conception, we support and advise couples on maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, eating a balanced diet, having a natural delivery, being calm and breathing during labor, taking care of the newborn, and breastfeeding. Our labor and delivery rooms are unique, and the warm and cozy atmosphere provides female patients with the best possible comfort!

    Top-Class Facilities We Offer as the Leading Ladies Specialist Hospital in Gachibowli!

    Obstetric and Pregnancy Services

    Our department examines pregnant women and any treatment or hospitalization throughout their pregnancy. All birth styles are handled medically with the latest tools and techniques.

    For pregnant women who give birth and are required to remain in the department after giving birth, the department is in charge of preventative, health-promoting, treating, and coordinated efforts. The best children hospital in Gachibowli strives to keep births and postnatal confinements as routine as possible, even regarding subjects requiring specialized understanding.

    Pre-Maternity or Pre-Pregnancy Counseling

    Preventing illness before pregnancy benefits both you and the unborn child, and it is termed preconception care. The objective is to identify any hazards to you or your unborn child during pregnancy and to take care of any existing medical conditions before becoming pregnant.

    Before you take the next step toward pregnancy, it's about becoming the healthiest version of yourself that you can be physically and mentally. Ankura is the best ladies specialist hospital in Gachibowli, providing counseling for ladies. 


    Not all medical conditions necessitate hospitalization; however, you may still need to see a doctor for several minor health issues. Women and children experiencing health problems that call for cutting-edge tests, advice, and treatment can take advantage of various outpatient services at Ankura.

    Screening During Pregnancy and After Birth

    Most pregnancies go off without a hitch. Fortunately, the majority of babies are born healthy. Prenatal and postpartum screenings can spot any difficulties, illnesses, or disorders early on, allowing for therapy. Prenatal screenings are known as "prenatal," postnatal screenings are known as "postnatal," and combined, they are known as "perinatal" screenings.

    Having Frequent Miscarriages? Reach Out to the Best Ladies Specialist Hospital in Gachibowli

    A miscarriage can be tragic, but experiencing one right after another is sometimes exceedingly painful. Since many couples expect another loss before the pregnancy even begins, the idea of trying again might seem like an uphill battle.

    After the third recurrent miscarriage, it is advised to look into a potential cause for the miscarriage.

    Recurrent miscarriages can have different causes, such as hormonal and genetic issues, infection, thrombophilic (blood-clotting) disorders, uterine issues, and cervical weakness. Unfortunately, despite thorough research, doctors frequently cannot pinpoint the root reason for repeated miscarriages. However, most couples with recurring miscarriages can expect their child with the best treatment at the hospital for women near me in Gachibowli. 

    Infertility Testing and Prevention

    Our doctor at the women and childcare hospital in Gachibowli attempts to understand your sexual practices before infertility testing and may offer suggestions to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Sometimes there is no apparent cause for infertility in a couple (unexplained infertility).

    Women's fertility depends on their ovaries producing healthy eggs. To be fertilized, an egg must be able to travel through the reproductive tract and into the fallopian tubes, and the fertilized egg needs to get there to implant in the uterine lining. Finding out if these systems are compromised is the goal of tests for female infertility.

    What Do We Serve Being the Child Specialists in Gachibowli? 

    Ankura Hospital, the best women and child care hospital in Gachibowli, aims to give children a holistic environment and the most excellent care possible, so they don't feel like they are in a hospital but at home away from home. The hospital is among the best because of its extensive pediatric super-specialty facilities, where you can also find the most outstanding child specialist in Hyderabad. We created several specialty clinics for children and women connected to the department to expand our healthcare services to the public as a maternity hospital and child specialist hospital for their better experience with us.


    Protection comes via immunization. Vaccination is the safest and most reliable technique to protect kids from dangerous diseases. Vaccines are regarded as a medical innovation in the field of prevention. By keeping your child from developing dangerously contagious infections, vaccinations safeguard their health.

    At Ankura Hospital, every standard vaccination is available, making it the best children hospital in Gachibowli.


    A baby's birth is a joyful and intricate procedure. The mother and the child go through many physical and emotional changes. A baby must undergo several physical adaptations to live away from the mother's body. A newborn can no longer rely on the mother's blood supply and placenta for critical bodily processes once they have left the uterus.

    The neonatal intensive care unit is a particular area of the hospital where premature babies or  newborns who require intensive medical care are  placed (NICU). The NICU has advanced cutting-edge equipment and skilled medical staff to provide specialized treatment. Babies who are not much unwell but still require specialized nursing care may also receive care in NICUs. 

    Infant Asthma

    When your child has asthma, there are numerous considerations required. Educating yourself as much as possible on the disease is crucial. As the best child hospital in Vijayawada and Gachibowli, doctors and pharmacists can assist at Ankura Hospital round the clock. Any worries about your child's asthma should be discussed with them.

    We understand that women and children require extra care, so we at Ankura, the best women and child care hospital near me in Gachibowli, are dedicated to serving them with the best possible treatment. 

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