The use of contraceptives can help reduce the number of abortions and prevent unintended pregnancies. Contraceptives lower the incidence of death and complications that arise during pregnancy. 

It is crucial to consider using contraceptives if you are not planning to have a child. This is important as it helps reduce child mortality and also combats HIV/AIDS. 

New contraceptive methods are needed to ensure that women and men have access to methods that fit their life circumstances and preferences. 

Your birthing decisions are vital to us, this is why we put forth the best contraceptive solutions for our patients. Technology and new age medicine has enabled us to gain exposure and experience in comprehensive cutting-egde medical procedures that helps us satisfy your requirements. The expert panel of doctors at Ankura give you counselling and decide the best contraceptive plan for you!

Be it a tubectomy, or IUCD, you can rely on us to deliver what suits you and your family best!

Dr. K Ramana
Dr. C Swapna
Dr. Lavanya

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