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At Ankura, our panel of specialized doctors, nurses, and surgeons give you the guidance, care, and attention you need. The journey of pregnancy, right from conception to childbirth, is a memorable and vital experience that should be savored every step of the way. 

Couples ought to speak to an expert gynecologist and obstetrician to plan their pregnancy. The gynecologists at Ankura undertake a thorough examination of both to-be parents and suggest changes to their lifestyle that can increase the risk before, during, or after the pregnancy. These changes could include – weight reduction, diet modification, work-life balance, regulating or abstinence from certain habits, etc. Being well planned helps you minimize and mitigate a lot of inherent risks involved with pregnancy. And in cases where it is impossible to eliminate the risk, it enables you to better deal with contingencies. Overall, preparation and planning help you have a more enjoyable, enriching pregnancy experience.

We also understand that a woman in her pregnancy goes through mental changes that can make the journey taxing; however, with the quality care from our health professionals, we at Ankura guarantee you a pleasant experience!

We help you throughout your pregnancy journey:

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    Choose the Right Maternity Hospital for Your Delivery

    Trusted by more than 50,000 moms, Ankura Hospital has been known as the best pregnancy hospital. We know your life dramatically changes when you find out you are pregnant. To partner with you throughout your pregnancy, our maternity hospital experts provide all the services you will need, including comprehensive antenatal care, your preferred or medically required delivery mode, and postoperative care.

    Our consulting obstetricians are among the top practitioners in their field. Pregnant ladies who select Ankura’s doctors for pregnancy may be confident that they will receive the best care. The elegant guest rooms and suites at Ankura provide the ideal setting for this joyous event and ensure that you never even briefly feel far from home. Ankura Hospital set the standardized benchmark in the healthcare industry with consistent services for being the best women and children hospital.

    Importance of Doctors for Pregnancy

    Motherhood brings a lot of happiness and responsibilities together with pregnancy. Women who intend to have a baby should take good care of themselves. Expecting mothers went through a lot of biological changes, dealing with trimester symptoms and mental challenges. The best hospital for women - Ankura Hospital brings expertise in treatment and consultation with maternity care that helps to deal with the pregnancy phase with comfort. 

    Other names for the medical treatment given by pregnancy hospitals to pregnant women include prenatal care and antenatal care. Prenatal checkups should be scheduled regularly as they significantly lower the possibility of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. A woman is at a pivotal point in her life, which increases the possibility of having a healthy baby.

    Contrary to what many believe, prenatal care in a normal delivery hospital does not begin when a female finds out she is pregnant. Prenatal care should be started at least three months before trying to get pregnant. Thanks to this, your body and mind will be prepared for the changes that pregnancy will bring. Doctors for pregnancy suggest It will be helpful to maintain certain healthy routines throughout this time:

    • Stop using tobacco and drinking alcohol.

    • If you have any health concerns, are taking any medications, or should begin taking any nutritional supplements, speak with a gynecologist.

    • Avoid coming in contact with toxic substances and chemicals.

    Ankura Hospital: Fetal Medicine and Ultrasonography 

    Across the different centers of Ankura Hospital, we bring innovative technology treatment to support expectant mothers. In general, a fetal heartbeat develops in almost 6 weeks. Visit our top gynecologist to get regular ultrasounds and monitor fetal growth. It also helps to analyze the development of growing fetuses ensuring their regular heartbeat and organ development. 

    Mothers and babies become the same physical unit during pregnancy still there are two different individuals. They require extra care and support, Ankura provides advanced facilities of ultrasonography and fetal medicine to examine the baby's conditions. 

    With fetal care for new mothers, we can help regarding: 

    • Detect any birth defect in advance and provide necessary measures to cure the affected fetus

    • It also helps to prevent and predict about fetal growth restriction that might result in preterm birth

    • Fetal examination helps to get constant updates on fetus growth and development, doctors can get better ideas to progress the pregnancy. 

    Ultrasound Scanning

    At Ankura women hospital, we provide ultrasound scanning, it becomes an integral part of fetal medicine. It helps in providing the best diagnostic and effective method to track down the developmental stages of the growing fetus. Some of the recommended routine scans beneficial for expectant mothers are a nuchal scan, anatomy scan, and standardized ultrasound each trimester. 

    This scan report provides a detailed picture of newborns, doctors can detect any abnormalities in the early stage. Every specialist suggests to expectant mothers to regularly visit for an ultrasound even if everything seems normal as the internal examination is required to get a better analysis. 

    How to Choose the Best Hospital for Pregnancy

    As you travel close to the mesmerizing sands of motherhood, you notice many harbors scattered throughout the coastline. It's challenging to determine which one would make the best anchoring in the shining afternoon sun because some asparkle more brightly than others. Before being anchored for the last time, you must make a decision. Which would be the best hospital for pregnancy to end your nine-month voyage?

    Factors we keep into account when you are choosing a gynaecologist in Vijayawada.

    When choosing a maternity care hospital for childbirth, there are many things to consider, such as what kind of pregnancy facilities we have, whether the situation is risky, or whether you are carrying multiples. As the best hospital for women, we consider your preferences and comfort and the nature and potential risks of your pregnancy. By selecting your maternity hospital early, you can choose a doctor you are comfortable with and who you can completely trust. A further advantage is that you will deliver and work with the same medical team. 

    Here are the best factor to consider while choosing the best women's hospital for maternity care:- 

    State-of-the-art facilities: Ankura Hospital becomes the ideal choice for pregnancy as we bring every facility to assist expectant mothers in one place. Our centers consist of top-level infrastructure, emergency care units, NICU, and PICU. 

    Experienced Team: Ankura Hospital brings the best quality team of expert doctors, dedicated staff, and nurses. They make expecting mothers feel comfortable at home during their pregnancy phase. We bring 24-hour health care services for you. 

    Specialized Treatment: Ankura Hospital has years of experience sharing the best treatment for pediatrics, maternity, and gynecology. You can trust us as we provide safe treatments integrated with advanced technology to bring you specialized consultation. 

    Different Category of Service: Women trust the hospital with a wide range of facilities that support them through their entire journey of pregnancy. At Ankura Hospital, we cover VBAC, high-risk pregnancies, prenatal & postnatal care, lactation, labor pain & delivery, and postpartum pregnancy challenges. 

    What Makes Ankura the Best Hospital for Normal Delivery?

    As the best maternity hospital, we stay by your side to provide you with the best support, comfort, and care during the entire delivery, whether you have a natural birth, a C-section, or a premature birth, our gynaecologist in Vijayawada can handle everything nicely.

    Delivery signifies the conclusion of the pregnancy and the birth of the child. To have a stress-free delivery, you must visit the maternity centre and adhere to the doctor's recommendations and create a suitable birthing plan with your obstetrician-gynecologist.

    A pregnant woman typically goes through four stages of labor which are some of the most challenging.

    • Effacement and Dilation: The cervix dilates and expands within 12 to 13 hours of active labor, frequently to a minimum of 10 centimeters. This stage often includes early work in the maternity centre, active delivery, and the changeover to the second stage of labor. You can still move around during the early stages of labor and finish your duties. Still, once the frequency increases, active labor begins, during which speaking becomes challenging, the frequency of the contractions increases, and your water may break. The second stage follows, which is characterized by sweating, hot and cold flushes, unpleasant contractions, and trembling.

    • During the second stage of labor, the cervix is fully dilated, and the baby is pushed through the birth canal. This stage necessitates medical support and helps since the woman must push throughout each contraction to facilitate birth.

    • Ten to fifteen minutes after delivery, the third stage of labor starts when the baby has been delivered, and the uterus is still contracting to allow the placenta to follow.

    • The mother and infant must nurse for an extended period in the fourth and final stage, and breastfeeding and postpartum vaginal care are also assisted.

    Childbirth classes also help parents understand what happens during labor and what to anticipate in advance. They receive counseling on pain, fear, and stress, and experts answer all queries regarding the same to assuage their concerns. 

    Ankura: The Best Maternity Centre Facility

    While some people may have little trouble getting pregnant, others may experience difficulty. We, as a pregnant delivery doctor hospital, offer comprehensive advice starting with the planning stages of your pregnancy and continuing through delivery. With our abilities and specialized expertise, we ensure that you have a pain-free delivery and that we remain by your side for nine months. Any Ankura obstetrics and gynecology expert can give you the right advice and support. 

    Pregnancy and parenthood can both be physically and mentally taxing experiences. Our team walks you through each stage and helps you grasp all the opportunities and challenges to make this a delightful experience.

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