How to Set a Bedtime Routine for Your Baby

How to Set a Bedtime Routine for Your Baby

A sleep routine always helps your baby to get healthy and active time to play. A bedtime routine as a habit is beneficial for babies as it helps them have good sleep. If you set a bedtime routine for your infant, it will be more likely to become its daily cue. After it becomes a habit, your baby starts to feel more relaxed and sleepy as the time comes.

A bedtime routine is also good for parents like you because it helps in having quiet and alone time to bond with your child or yourself. This can help your baby sleep better with fewer late night wake up crying. 

Why is it Important to Have a Sleeping Routine?

We all have a sleep pattern that usually becomes our habit before sleeping, and it helps us know that the time has come to relax. That is why doctors suggest you to maintain a bedtime routine for your baby, which helps relax your fussy and crying baby. Waking up in the middle of the night is common for any infant, but if they have a sleeping pattern or routine, they will sleep peacefully.

As a parent, having quiet time for yourself is essential; this can only happen with your baby’s bedtime routine. Mothers can use this time to bond with the infant or use some time for themselves. Getting proper sleeping time is a method of calming down the nervous system, which is beneficial. Or if you are facing any trouble, you can go to the best pediatric center, Ankura Hospitals.

Good time to Start a Bedtime Schedule

The earlier you do it, the more effective it will be. When your baby is around 6 to 8 weeks old, it is old enough to get a sleep routine. You can try to do some things that can help the baby know that it’s time. You realize that a childhood habit is tough to leave. Therefore, this is the exact time when you should do it. The sleepy and cozy time will help them get a calm and relaxed mood, which will more likely provide you with fewer late-night wake-ups. Because in this period, an infant is more fuzzy and hard to handle. 

Sometimes, mothers leave the schedule or cannot maintain it because of issues or workload. Therefore, you should save yourself enough energy at the end of the day to put your baby to sleep. 

What Tips to Consider for a Bedtime Routine?

Here are some points you can consider while putting a sleeping cue for your newborn. The child specialists suggest them, as you can find at Ankura Hospitals. 

Feeding the Child

A last feed before sleep can help any infant sleep because they will feel more relaxed and sleepy with a full stomach. Many parents use this technique with a little swinging so that the newborn starts to feel drowsy and falls asleep in just a few minutes. It can also extend some hours of the newborn’s sleep.

A Bath Can be Useful

Bathing your baby just before bed can significantly help with sleeping. A warm bath can refresh the mind and body, so a baby falls asleep faster after a bath. This process does not only work with a baby but also for an adult, as it calms the inner core of the body and stimulates blood circulation.

 Can Sing a Song or Dance While Holding Your Baby

Songs help everyone ease their minds, and some soothing songs can help babies fall asleep with soft melodies in their ears. And when it comes to habit, they will sleep just by listening to that melody because they will consider it their alarm to sleep. 


In addition to this, an infant feels sleepy and at ease when you start doing some movements with a soft melody in the background. This safe sleep method can make creating a sleeping schedule much faster. The movements help the babies feel lazy, which makes them fall asleep fast. You can also try some games as babies are fond of playing.


A massage is always the best remedy to fall asleep faster. It helps relax your muscles and gives you that at-ease sensation; the same goes for a baby. Giving a massage to the baby can work as a calming pre-bed method. Massage is also essential for babies in their overall development.

Best Stop for Pediatric Help: Ankura

If you are a new mom or a mother who wants to schedule a sleep pattern for their babies, you should visit the best pediatricians. A pediatrician will help you by letting you know all the possible methods you can try. At Ankura Hospitals, we provide our patients with the best treatments and consultations. We have a team of excellent and skilled pediatricians specializing in every aspect of medical consultation. Our professionals use the best techniques that are very effective per your need. At Ankura, we want to reach out to as many mothers and children in need as possible and assist them with expert doctors and their excellent treatment approaches.

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