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Pelvic floor dysfunction is a condition where you’re unable to control the muscles of your pelvic floor to urinate or have bowel movement. Pelvic floor basically acts as a fling to hold up the pelvis organs like bladder, rectum and uterus (or prostate in men) by wrapping around the pelvic bone. Contracting and relaxing these muscles helps to control bowel movements, urination, and, for women particularly, sexual intercourse. We at Ankura, believe in providing the most reliable and trusted healthcare partner for women.

There are no specific symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction but one can be diagnosed by pelvic floor dysfunction if they are facing symptoms like pain in the pelvic region, pain while urinating, lower back pain, discomfort during sexual intercourse especially in women. 

Pregnancy is one of the common cause of pelvic floor dysfunction. Often women experience pelvic floor dysfunction after they give birth to a child. If your labor during delivery was long or difficult, your pelvic floor muscles and tissues can strain. Other causes of pelvic dysfunction can include traumatic injury to the pelvic region due to accident, obesity(being overweight), pelvic surgery and nerve damage. 

It is very important not to diagnose yourself because they may show more serious conditions.For diagnosing, our doctors will review your medical history and observe your symptoms. After the initial consultation, our doctor will perform a physical evaluation to check for muscle knots. They will also check for muscle weakness.

Thankfully, pelvic floor dysfunction can be treated relatively easily in most of the cases. The main purpose of treating pelvic floor dysfunction is to relax the pelvic floor muscles to make bowel movements easier and to provide more control. Here at Ankura hospital, we have a best team of doctors and surgeons to provide you best possible treatment.

Pelvic floor dysfunction

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