The Struggles of a New Mom – Ways to Survive Them

The Struggles of a New Mom – Ways to Survive Them

The Struggles of a New Mom & Ways to Survive Them


Being a new mom is an entirely different phase in a woman’s life. During this phase, it is crucial to understand and note that there are plenty of physiological, psychological as well as lifestyle changes in the mother’s life. This article discusses the challenges of a to-be mom, what to expect and how to overcome difficulties arising during the journey.



Post pregnancy, knowing what to do for one’s health is a primary cause of concern. There are several physical changes that occur after pregnancy. Some of these changes can be as:

  • Belly Bulge

The fact that the belly might or might not immediately return to its pre-pregnancy state depends on the body. Different women experience different cycles and durations for their bellies to go back to normal size after pregnancy. It takes about 6-8 weeks before their uterus returns to normal.

  • Feet Size

During this stage, enlargement of the feet is a permanent change. The reason behind this is due to the flattening arch of the foot. This occurs due to the release of the hormone relaxin, which helps the feet muscles to relax, thereby resulting in the broadening of the feet.

  • Cup Size

After pregnancy, once the mother stops breastfeeding, the breasts turn saggy and lose mass due to higher BMI, greater cup size before pregnancy, history of smoking and older age.

  • Hair Loss

During pregnancy, higher levels of estrogen stops your hair from falling out, therefore, making them look fuller. Heavy shedding occurs 1 to 5 months before pregnancy. 

  • Sex drive 

There has been a study which shows a drop in sex drive after pregnancy, and that’s normal. It can take almost up to a year to recover from the postpartum period,  due to lower estrogen levels in the body.


When a woman becomes a mother, they seem to feel all over the place. But there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s a part of the process. So, here are some of the emotional changes which one might experience after childbirth.

  1. Sadness
  2. Fear 
  3. Joy
  4. Anger
  5. The jitters – Such as being startled easily, feeling tense or anxious.
  6. Hypersensitivity 
  7. Doubt


It is absolutely normal to be more anxious and nervous than feeling a sense of excitement as the struggles of becoming a new mom never really end.  But like someone once said, “ You never stop learning”. So, relax and let the process unfold on its own, all you have to do is prepare yourself. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can overcome the blues and maintain your physical as well as emotional changes effortlessly, giving you and your family more time together.

  • Rest 

In the first few weeks, the mother needs to let someone else take care of all responsibilities other than feeding the baby and taking care of themselves.

  • Food and nutrition

Having a balanced meal after pregnancy not only allows the mother to take care of their health, but also allows her to take care of the baby.

  • Meditation 

This may sound a little frustrating in the beginning, however, listening to soothing sounds while the baby is asleep, may actually help to reduce stress, anxiety and can also help calm the mind around this phase more than one might think.

  • Reading 

Take a break. Ask someone to take care of the child when the mother wants some alone time to rejuvenate and relax with themselves. This would not only make them feel lighter, but would also help them become mentally calmer when dealing with everyday life with the child.

  • Yoga 

This would help the muscles regain their flexibility and strength, but also tighten them and help build them up. Over a period of time, the body would start to regain its strength automatically.

After pregnancy, it might seem overwhelming all the time, provided that now a woman is a mother for the first time. However, dealing with all the physiological, and psychological changes can be tumultuous and finding a medical healthcare professional to guide you  can help make this journey easy and safe for the mother.  

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