7 Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy – Let’s Keep Baby Guarded

7 Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy – Let’s Keep Baby Guarded

7 Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy - Let's Keep Baby Guarded

7 Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy – Let’s Keep Baby Guarded. The phase of pregnancy for every to-be-mother is special. She wants to be safe and have a healthy delivery. Doctors usually advise exercises during pregnancy to stay fit and safe throughout the pregnancy journey, while also helping prevent unforeseen pregnancy risks. However, it is important to know which activities are safe for the mother and baby so as to avoid complications.

Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

This article talks about 7 exercises that should be avoided during pregnancy:

  1. Any high impact exercise – Some high impact exercises like running, jogging, jumping jacks, jumping ropes, burpees, gymnastics and the like are harmful for pregnant women because they demand high energy, movement and effort.
  2. Planks or push-ups – Planks are risky for pregnant women because they put a lot of pressure on the abdominal wall. This pressure can lead to diastasis recti or a separation of the abs that can be hard to repair post pregnancy. As it is that the growing uterus already puts pressure on the abdominal wall, and thus planks or push-ups could only worsen the situation. But instead you can try an inclined chest press or chest fly using light to moderate weights, this should help you work your chest muscles and keep your core safe from lasting injury.
  3. Traditional sit-ups and crunches – Many women feel that the best way to avoid a bulging belly after pregnancy is to work the core with crunches and sit-ups. Not only is this unsafe but also can make the protruding shape in the belly worse. Similar to planks, even crunches put a lot of pressure on the abdominal wall. You should also avoid exercises that put you on your back for prolonged periods. There are tons of everyday movements that mimic a crunch – so be careful when you’re doing things like getting out of bed and up from a seated position. Do these movements slowly or practice rolling to one side first until it becomes second nature! 
  4. Holding breath exercises – These types of exercises are not recommended during pregnancy.
  5. Exercise involving risk of falling – The exercises that involve a high risk of falling like skiing or horseback riding are not at all safe for pregnant women. You can hurt yourself and your baby which can lead to complications during delivery or can even cause permanent damages.
  6. Weight-lifting exercises – Strength training is important for a pregnant woman’s health, but starting in the second trimester, it is advisable for women to lift no more than 10 to 15 lbs. of anything, not just barbells but also toddlers and older children. This is mostly due to stability – with a growing baby bump, your balance will change, increasing your risk of falling and injuring your head or abdomen.
  7. Sudden twisting while standing – If you’re a knowledgeable person about exercises and yoga, then you’re probably familiar with several poses that can be considered deep twists or contortions. 

         But for pregnant women, deep backbends, bow pose, upward dog, as well as forward fold are all not recommended. Your instructor should know you’re pregnant before class and you should ask for some modifications so you’re prepared to find your zen safely. 

         To ensure a healthy exercise regime during pregnancy, you can also get a consultation from a good maternity and health care hospital in Hyderabad. Medical healthcare professionals will be able to guide you through a safe and happy pregnancy, keeping pregnancy complications at bay!

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