Birth Control: Reasons & Precautions

Birth Control: Reasons & Precautions

Birth Control is commonly known as contraception in medical terms. It’s a medical measure introduced to control unsafe pregnancies for women. Sometimes, sexually active women contract pregnancy symptoms & birth control helps them to get rid of unwanted pregnancies. Most Indian women face stereotypes for not discussing birth control, while in reality, these methods are only effective when used correctly. So, women should leave the stigma, be confident & have an open discussion with a gynecologist.

Government authorities emphasized encouraging women to choose the pregnancy time. Family planning should start when they are physically & mentally prepared to raise a child. The Indian education system also contributes to this by adding lessons to the textbooks to make students aware of safe sex & birth control measures. 

Common Reasons for Using Birth Control Measures Among Women

Women in India witnessed empowerment journeys where they can stand for their rights & make their life decisions on their own. The blog will shed light on certain facts that compel women to adopt birth control methods.

  • Medical-related concerns include the personal health conditions not allowing her to get pregnant. 
  • Women do not attain a stipulated age to conceive a baby, making them ineffective at controlling pregnancy. 
  • Some women do not want to take the financial responsibility of raising a baby.
  • Women use birth control measures if they already had one or two pregnancies before and prefer to have a nuclear family.
  • Also, married women use birth control measures to keep a considerable gap between two babies’ birth using contraceptives. 

Getting pregnant is one of the biggest things in any woman’s life; it should be her own decision only. So, the reason for using birth control may vary as per women’s emotional, financial, sexual, and physical conditions. 

Factors Affecting the Decision of Birth Control Adoption

In family planning, when deciding on birth control, women have to look for multiple factors beforehand to proceed with the decision. Let’s look at the factors that support in making the decision:-

  • Get protected from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) & infections that complicate overall health for women. 
  • Decide whether you are mentally stable & physically fit to get pregnant and raise the children. 
  • Side effects of birth control as per menstrual state & other existing health complications.
  • Age factors & overall health conditions might affect the decision.
  • Menstrual cycles & other sexual health.
  • Easiness & comfort level for using any birth control strategy.

Different Birth Control Methods to Prevent Pregnancy 

Women are required to be aware of all the major methods for birth control. Consult a gynecologist to pick the best suitable methods according to your preference, sexual health & other factors. Some popular birth control methods are barriers like male & female condoms that restrict sperm entering the uterus, hormonal medications & friendly devices to prevent ovulation, and sterilization methods. Other supportive methods are fertility awareness, emergency contraception like birth control pills, and abstinence from intercourse. 

Precautions to Consider While Birth Control 

Controlling pregnancy doesn’t come with a guarantee; the methods will only be effective when used properly. Have a healthy discussion with your gynecologist at the best hospital centers to know the implications associated with using contraception. Use the following precautions before you make a final decision about birth control:-

Discuss With a Gynecologist: Women are advised to take the help of a medical expert like a gynecologist who can guide them on using birth control techniques. Also, doctors will be aware of any complications beforehand if they find anything during the diagnosis. 

Be Cautious With Medication and Pills: One of the birth control methods includes medicines & pills that come with little health risk. So, instead of directly consuming them on the recommendation of your partner or other relatives, consult a gynecologist to avoid any severe side effects. 

Every Birth Control Is Different: It is suggested not to pick any method aimlessly & without any comprehensive knowledge. Every method has different implications & is designed according to women’s physical conditions. To choose the best one for you, discuss it with your gynecologist. 

Don’t depend on your partner: Women are required to be aware of safe sex & birth control measures, as their health will be at risk. It would not be viable to depend on your partner entirely for knowledge; women should acquire self-knowledge about their personal health condition while discussing it with their partners. Also, take medical help if you need complete guidance on the effectiveness. 

Ankura Hospital: Consult Our Gynecologist for Birth Control!

A healthy woman will support the family & baby to grow, so birth control play an essential part in family planning. Also, preventive measures evidence the effectiveness of contraceptives. Less awareness & lack of knowledge might result in conceiving babies at a young age or contracting sexual disorders. Women should take the initiative to take care of their biological health & feel free to discuss with gynecologists about their concerns. 

Ankura Hospital is a trusted women’s & child care hospital for effective treatments & consultations. Our top gynecologist team will share the best advice to choose birth control methods. At Ankura, we follow a privacy consultation process for women to make them feel more comfortable about their sexual health discussions. 

Contraceptions are healthy measures & every woman should have proper knowledge for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Consult with us today to get specialized knowledge from the top gynecologists in India. 

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