A Working Pregnant Mom? Tips to Help You Out

A Working Pregnant Mom? Tips to Help You Out

A Working Pregnant Mom? Tips to help You Out


Nowadays, working while being pregnant is more common. However, it has its own ups and downs. Most women continue to work during pregnancy. One needs to understand the challenges which might present themselves at the workplace. Staying healthy and being innovative consistently may pose some level of discomfort. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what to do and what not to when taking the decision to continue working during pregnancy.

A Working Pregnant Mom Tips to Help You Out


Now, one should understand that the things mentioned below are things which happen naturally, there’s no need to be afraid or panic when they do. Here is the list of things which one may experience at work when being pregnant.

  • Nausea and Vomiting

It’s also called Morning Sickness, but during pregnancy, it can occur anytime. 

  1. Avoid nausea triggers – Steer clear of anything that triggers nausea, like smell of reheated foods, double latte etc.
  2. Snack often – Use small snacks such as crackers and other bland foods. Keep a stash of food whenever you feel nauseated.
  • Handling fatigue

The body works overtime to help in pregnancy. So handling fatigue is crucial. Do these to prevent it.

  1. Eat foods rich in iron and protein – Foods such as red meat, poultry, seafood, green leafy veggies, whole grain meals help a lot.
  2. Take short breaks and move around here and there to reinvigorate yourself.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids – Have a bottle of water at the desk and sip water throughout the day.
  4. Reduce work at home.
  • Staying comfortable

As one progresses through pregnancy, simple things become uncomfortable. Therefore, some simple steps can help to ease out while doing these tasks so that one can continue with work without much pressure.

  1. Sitting – Use an adjustable chair with lower back support, while changing weight & posture to make long sitting hours easier. Use a pillow or cushion to provide extra support for the back.
  2. Standing – If one finds themselves standing for longer periods of time, then a footrest, low stool or box is recommended. Switching feet and taking breaks frequently is also helpful.
  3. Bending & lifting – proper form is recommended even when lifting light weight objects. Bending at the knees, and not the waist is useful. Keeping the load close to the body, lifting with the legs and not the back is suggested. Avoid twisting the body while lifting.
  • Managing stress

Stress on the job can reduce the energy which is required for the mother and the baby, therefore, here are some ways in which stress can be reduced.

  1. Taking control – Prioritizing tasks according to the level of importance. One can delegate different tasks to others in case of excess load. 
  2. Talking it out – Sharing frustrations with a supportive co-worker, friends or loved ones.
  3. Relaxing – Practice relaxation techniques, such as meditation, slow breathing, visualization.
  • Keeping job precautions at check

Certain job precautions can be taken into consideration to reduce work stress. These are some of the things which need to be put into check.

  1. Exposure to harmful substances.
  2. Prolonged standing.
  3. Heavy lifting, climbing or carrying.
  4. Excessive noise.
  5. Heavy vibrations, from large machinery or equipment.
  6. Extreme temperatures.

One needs to look into the various scenarios which may become challenging as one progresses through different stages of pregnancy. Striking a better work-life balance is crucial to keep workload under control during such times. However, with proper planning and time management, it becomes easier to continue working and having a happy family life.

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