Things to Avoid As a Mother While Breastfeeding!

Things to Avoid As a Mother While Breastfeeding!

You might be overwhelmed after becoming a mother. However, you may need to take preventive measures to keep your baby and yourself active & fit. Embrace your journey of parenthood, and keep a close check on your health status. 

Are you breastfeeding your little one for the first time and feeling anxious? No worries. We, at Ankura Hospital, are there for you! We provide the best postnatal care to help you and your baby stay safe. Our team of healthcare professionals is always available to assist you in your parenthood journey. We provide parental guidance on proper breastfeeding and keeping your little one safe. So, book an appointment with our female gynaecologist to keep your baby sound. 

Avoid Unhealthy Diet: Ensure Your Baby’s Good Health

For a baby, breast milk is highly nutritious. As per prior research, what a mother eats affects the contents and quality of breast milk. Thus, healthcare experts advise mothers to give breast milk to their little ones for the initial six months of life. Let us glance at the list of things that need to be avoided by a breastfeeding mother


A breastfeeding mother can neglect caffeine in coffee, chocolate, soda, and tea. Having these will result in some quantity of caffeine in the breast milk. This can be quite troublesome for your baby as he may have difficulty breaking it down and getting it inside. Large amounts of caffeine can accumulate in the baby’s system, leading to irritation and trouble sleeping. 

If you love coffee, you can have proper guidance from a female gynaecologist about its quantity. At Ankura Hospital, we have a great experience providing maternity and pediatric services. You can call or visit us if you or your baby are facing any medical issues. 

Highly Processed Foods

Highly processed foods contain unhealthy fats and fewer nutrients. Thus, it is recommended by healthcare professionals to limit or avoid its intake as much as possible by the mother. 

Early studies show that a new mother’s diet can influence the baby’s diet in the future. You can avoid junk food and instead invest in a healthier lifestyle. Ensure a healthy diet to keep your baby free from any health problems. 


According to prior research, if you consume excessive alcohol, breast milk output is minimized by 20%. Also, the quantity of alcohol in your breast milk peaks 30-60 minutes after your last drink. If you have excessive and consistent alcohol intake, you may experience the following:-

  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Delay in psychomotor skills
  • Cognitive delay after some months or years in life

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mothers must abstain from alcohol during breastfeeding to keep their babies and themselves healthy. You can take an occasional drink as it is likely to be considered safe, as long as you are aware of the right quantity.

Exposure to High Amounts of Mercury

Some seafood, like fish, are rich in mercury. It is a metal that can be highly toxic for babies because it can affect the baby’s central nervous system, leading to delays or impairments in:-

  • Language & speech building
  • Motor skills
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Visual-spatial awareness

During your breastfeeding period, it is advisable to avoid certain types of fish that are rich in mercury. These include bigeye tuna, marlin, shark, swordfish, tilefish, and king mackerel. At Ankura Hospital, our team of healthcare experts provides a balanced diet, so you and your baby stay healthy. 


Many women take supplements without a doctor’s advice to increase milk supply. This can cause consequences for your little one. Thus, you must consult the doctor about such supplements before taking them. 

How to Know if You are Having an Imbalanced Diet?

The composition of breast milk is regulated by a mother’s body. During the days you are breastfeeding, if your little one exhibits any unusual health symptoms, do not hesitate to contact us at Ankura Hospital. 

If your baby is suffering from the following health issues, it can be a possibility that he is allergic or intolerant to your diet. 

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Wheezing
  • Blood in stools
  • Eczema 
  • Congestion
  • Abnormal fussiness
  • Excessive gas

At Ankura Hospital, our experienced team of gynecologists diagnoses your baby. This may help us know what food item is causing an allergic reaction in your baby. Our doctors then recommend suitable and effective solutions to provide the utmost care to your baby.

Visit Ankura Hospital for the Best Post Natal Care!

We, at Ankura Hospital, have reputed healthcare professionals across India. We aid all patients in getting effective treatments to ensure that they stay safe and healthy. We provide all maternity and pediatric services, including postnatal care., nutrition, and breastfeeding support. Our team of gynecologists is highly experienced in providing the best consultancy and treatments. You can book an appointment with our female gynaecologist at a suitable time. 

We are available 24*7 for you. So, if any emergency arises, contact us at 9053108108. You can even visit us anytime to stay safe and healthy.

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