The Initial Steps to Planning Pregnancy: What Should You Do First?

The Initial Steps to Planning Pregnancy: What Should You Do First?

Are you planning to start a family? You must follow pregnancy planning tips for safe delivery. If you avoid guidelines given by the doctor, you must face the consequences harmful to both the baby and the mother. 

You may note that having a healthy baby begins before you get pregnant. You must visit the best hospital for a preconception checkup. We, at Ankura Hospital, have a team of the best doctors for pregnancy. We are located across India, providing high-quality maternity, gynecology, and pediatric services. We have been in the healthcare industry for a long time, bringing thousands of smiles to the faces of new parents. So, embrace parenthood by ensuring your well-being with us. 

Get Ready for Pregnancy: Essential Steps to Follow

If you have planned to start a family and have a little one, it is advisable to follow some essential steps. Make sure that you do not take any advice or recommendation lightly. You can glance at the below-mentioned pregnancy planning tips for a healthy baby and mother:-.

Know Your Family Health History

It is advisable to know your family history thoroughly to identify factors that can affect your baby during infancy or your ability to become pregnant. If you had any issues in your last pregnancy, you must dig into your family history and talk to the doctor to ensure you and the baby are healthy.

Before you get pregnant, you can share your family history with our healthcare providers at Ankura Hospital. Experts can make precise diagnoses and offer effective treatments to avoid infertility, miscarriages, congenital disabilities, and infant deaths. 

Visit the Best Doctor for Preconception Checkup

You should look for reliable doctors for pregnancy so that you can get a preconception checkup. The doctor will diagnose you effectively, ensuring you are both mentally and physically stable to have a baby. If you are suffering from any illness, the doctor can manage it by providing treatments for safe delivery.

Maintain a Good Weight

You must note that women who are either overweight or underweight may have a risk for pregnancy complications and other heart problems, like diabetes. 

To ensure safe and painless delivery, you must visit the best gynecologist before getting pregnant. The doctor may recommend certain lifestyle changes, like exercising regularly, to maintain weight before pregnancy. 

Lifestyle & Behaviour

Focusing on a healthy lifestyle is vital if you are thinking of starting a family. You need to indulge yourself in healthy and safe means so that you and your unborn are active and fit. You can avoid having alcohol, quit smoking & unhealthy food, inactive routine, and exposure to environmental contaminants. Instead, you can start doing yoga & meditation, morning & evening walks, and body stretching. You can have good-quality foods & beverages, such as lemonade, juices, fruits, and vegetables. 

Folic Acid

Folic acid, a B vitamin, is required by every cell in a woman who wishes to get pregnant for the development and healthy growth of the unborn. A woman should have enough folic acid before and during pregnancy. It can protect your unborn from distinct congenital disabilities of the brain and spine, also known as Neural Tube Defects (NTDs). 

At the time of birth, your little one may have health problems or congenital disabilities. These can lead to a change in the shape or function of a baby’s body parts. To avoid such a case, you must visit the doctor so she can guide you on how much folic acid suits you. 

Get Mentally Healthy

If a woman planning to get pregnant is mentally unstable, it might affect the unborn and make her pregnancy journey troublesome. It is essential that you feel good about yourself. If you do not love yourself enough, it might affect the childhood of your little one. Thus, you must be physically and mentally fit before planning your pregnancy. 

If you have trouble with any issue or feel anxious, stressed, or sad, consult us at Ankura Hospital. You can discuss your situation with our healthcare providers about your health issues. We provide comfort and the utmost medical attention so that you stay relaxed and feel free to talk about your health concerns. 

Begin Your Pregnancy Process With Ankura Hospital 

It is a massive step for a couple to start a family. To ensure the safety and well-being of your unborn and mother, you must follow reliable pregnancy planning tips, like knowing your family history so that the doctor can provide appropriate preventive measures for diseases or illnesses. 

Ankura Hospital is India’s leading and authentic healthcare provider, offering the best treatments to women and children. We provide all maternity and gynecology services, such as nutrition, pregnancy trimesters, painless delivery, fetal medicine & ultrasonography. Our healthcare professionals make you feel comfortable and relaxed, so you may not worry during and post-pregnancy. We are available for you 24*7. If you feel uneasy or have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us. Our doctors for pregnancy have got you all covered. You can call us at +91 9053108108. 

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