Revolutionizing Healthcare: Ankura Hospital’s Journey of Excellence

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Ankura Hospital’s Journey of Excellence

A recent article in Healthvision unveiled the remarkable journey of Ankura Hospital. Dr. Krishna Prasad Vunnam, its founder and MD, a distinguished pediatrician specializing in neonatology from Sydney, Australia, shared the inspiration behind establishing Ankura Hospital for Women and Children. With a heartfelt desire to improve medical services, especially for women and children, he founded Ankura Hospital upon returning to his homeland.

Setting Up Ankura Hospital

Dr. Krishna Prasad founded Ankura Hospital because he personally witnessed significant progress in healthcare. Consequently, he strongly felt that it was our duty to extend these advancements across the nation, particularly benefiting women and children.

Therefore, Ankura Hospital commits to meeting the healthcare needs of every woman and child, regardless of their socio-economic background or whereabouts, by providing top-notch healthcare services.

A Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Krishna Prasad’s healthcare journey is all about his passion for improving healthcare for women and children in India. He saw the need for better medical care and founded Ankura Hospital.

Starting small, it has grown into a major healthcare provider with 15 centers across four states. His vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, aiming to make top-notch medical care accessible to every woman and child, irrespective of their location.

Differentiation in a Competitive Landscape

In the competitive field of women and childcare services, Ankura Hospital distinguishes itself with its distinct emphasis on quality, innovation, and patient-centered care.

Moreover, by offering comprehensive services, advanced technology, community involvement, accessibility initiatives, and a cohesive team culture, Ankura Hospital sets itself apart in the healthcare sector.

We work closely with the communities we serve, organizing health camps, awareness programs, and outreach initiatives to promote preventive healthcare and education. By building strong connections with our communities, we become trusted partners in their journey to better health.

Core Competencies in Paediatric and Gynecology Divisions

Ankura Hospital offers complete healthcare for women and children, providing all pediatric and gynecological specialties under one roof.

In our pediatric division, we provide a range of specialized services such as advanced neonatal intensive care, pediatric surgery, child development, and behavioral health. Additionally, we offer expertise in various pediatric specialties including neurology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, hematology, orthopedics, and more.

Furthermore, from advanced neonatal care to gynecological surgeries, Ankura Hospital excels in delivering holistic care utilizing advanced techniques and a patient-centric approach. Our services encompass obstetric care, gynecological surgeries, reproductive health services, gynecological oncology, gynecological cosmetology, laparoscopic surgeries, and VNOTES. Additionally, we have dedicated 9M fertility centers that specialize in offering effective and advanced treatments for infertility.

Handling Critical and High-Risk Patients

Ankura Hospital equips its team to handle critical and high-risk patients through specialized training, a multidisciplinary approach, advanced technology, and adherence to strict protocols.

With our skilled care and teamwork, we recently saw a six-year-old girl make an amazing recovery from serious illnesses like dengue and peritonitis. With quick and intensive treatment and important medical procedures, she got better and went home healthy.

Additionally, by implementing these strategies, Ankura Hospital consistently delivers exceptional care to its patients.

Expansion Plans and Funding Strategy

With a strategic focus on rapid expansion, Ankura Hospital plans to enhance healthcare accessibility through new centers in cities like Bengaluru, Nagpur, and Vishakhapatnam.

Additionally, a comprehensive fundraising strategy, including debt financing and private equity, supports Ankura Hospital’s expansion endeavors. This approach ensures financial sustainability and continued excellence in healthcare delivery.


Ankura Hospital’s journey exemplifies a relentless pursuit of excellence in healthcare, driven by a commitment to serving women and children with compassion, innovation, and expertise. Moreover, as Ankura Hospital grows, its legacy of changing healthcare continues to inspire and influence communities across India.

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