How to Prepare for High-Risk Pregnancies

How to Prepare for High-Risk Pregnancies

Any woman’s pregnancy journey would undoubtedly involve some minor risks, but what kind of complications arise when it’s a high-risk pregnancy?

Typically, within nine months, to-be-parents can expect their newborn; however, in some instances, the EDC(Estimated date of confinement) can extend beyond the estimated due date or end up in premature birth.

In high-risk pregnancies, severe complications may arise for the mother, child, or in some cases, both! While certain things can’t be avoided, there are ways to better prepare for them. This involves recommendations from a reputed obstetrician/ gynecologist, which can improve the chances of having a favorable outcome for the mother and baby.
Preparing for high-risk pregnancies comes with first knowing what kind of risks exist and why they arise,

  • Age is an important factor associated with high-risk pregnancies, usually, pregnancies that take place really early(before 17 years ) or late (beyond 35 years ) have a high chance of ending up in a miscarriage. When teens get pregnant, lack of prenatal care can lead to health complications like high/low blood pressure, postpartum depression, and premature births with an underweight baby. The solution for this would be to take prenatal care seriously! Prenatal vitamins are a must in order to ensure your baby is healthy. What is also observed commonly in teens, is the excessive use of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. This can cause severe complications to the baby, like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Mothers with pre-existing conditions like diabetes, heart conditions or autoimmune diseases pose a high threat for favorable pregnancy outcomes. This is the reason a thorough consultation from a specialized doctor is vital to adjust medication and run tests before pregnancy.
  • An example of a high-risk pregnancy is Preeclampsia, in this condition, the woman experiences high blood pressure, proteinuria, and swelling. While this can be a fatal condition, with the required precautions and medications it can be controlled.
  • Since the mother’s body acts as an incubator for the unborn baby, it is essential that the body be taken care of, which is why pregnant mothers receive so much pampering and attention! Obesity or excessive malnourishment are both causes for high-risk pregnancies.
  • When twins or triplets are expected, the chances of complications are larger due to, preterm labor, gestational hypertension, and various birth defects. Constant observation by a gynecologist can help you have a smoother outcome.

With so many complications and chances of risk, let us see what can help us prepare for such pregnancies,

  • The first and foremost thing that is of the essence, is to update yourself with all the information there is, do your research, run tests before conceiving so as to ensure a healthy pregnancy! Preconception checkups are a great way to go about it, a professional doctor can help you ascertain the risks involved and guide you on the necessary precautions to take.
  • Learning you are pregnant is a joyous feeling, but the high risk involved, the physical changes on your body, the mental strain are all aspects to consider. Stress is a strict no-no during pregnancies, which is why being surrounded by loved ones and having some sort of external support can help relieve the process for you!
  • Uncertainty and aimless direction can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, which is not favorable for either mother or child. Building a maternity plan can help you feel more assured, consult with your doctor regularly, get the required prenatal care that you need.
  • Seek help from mental health specialists when needed, research suggests that depression is one of the leading causes for high-risk pregnancies. Knowing that you as a mother, are not able to significantly provide for your baby can be a mentally traumatic feeling, which is why it is important to get the therapy and reaffirmations you need.
  • Avoid lead, radiation, nicotine, alcohol, and any form of intoxicants; these increase the chances for congenital defects to arise!

Lastly, it is essential to know that risks can arise anytime, before conception or even post conception. But having a trusted medical health care guide you and take care of you and your baby can ensure that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy despite all the risks involved.

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