How Fetal Medicine Contributes to Women’s Health?

How Fetal Medicine Contributes to Women’s Health?

Fetal medicine plays an important role in the growth and development stage of the fetus in the mother’s womb. The field of fetal medicine grows with the advancement of obstetrics to assist the pregnancy phase. Fetal care begins even before the delivery of babies; parents have to offer special care for babies to check upon them. Different diagnostic processes are used to examine fetus growth, and then specialists for fetal care offer the right treatment to deal with any vulnerabilities. 

Although the expectant mother & fetus are growing in the same physical unit, still, they are two different individuals in the same body. Both of them have their own physiological & developmental challenges that require specialized care with maternal-fetal medicine. 

Overview of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Maternal-fetal medicine falls under the specialized branch of obstetrics that works for treatments & diagnosis of pregnant women and unborn babies. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists can help manage high-risk pregnancies by constantly monitoring for defects. Even if your pregnancy goes smoothly, maternal-fetal medicine is recommended for normal pregnancies to ensure fetus growth. This branch of medicine is more than merely a treatment method, it involves continuous observation of the mother and baby. 

Different types of services under maternal fetal medicine comprise preconception counseling, cervical cancer screening, delivery, recovery, diagnostic ultrasound services, minimally invasive surgery, and other gynecologic care. It also includes surgeries, prenatal treatments, and other maternal treatments. 

With such a fast-changing lifestyle, an unhealthy diet & too much stress affect women’s health and increase the complications related to their pregnancy. With the help of maternal-fetal medicine, gynecologists eliminate major pregnancy risk factors.

Treatments Under Maternal Fetal Medicine 

The treatments under maternal-fetal medicine don’t end in one or two days, and this is a continuous process that covers the entire pregnancy. Specialists advise the use of fetal medicine as the special care for the mother & fetus rather than treatment for any disorders. Most expectant mothers took the help of fetal medicine to be sure about their baby’s growth and development. 

Let’s understand a few aspects of fetal medicine:-

  • With maternal fetal medicine, doctors are handling normal and high-risk pregnancies with the best prenatal care
  • Regular monitoring & ultrasound scanning for proper care and observation will ensure less complication during the delivery time
  • Minimal invasive surgeries performed by gynecologist helps in faster recovery with less time
  • Maternal fetal medicine comes up with the facilities to care for reproductive life
  • Under the branch of medicine, doctors suggest diagnostic obstetrical & gynecological ultrasounds
  • Major diagnostic testing and processes performed for effective treatments. It comprises amniocentesis, saline infusion sonohysterogram, fetal echocardiography, and CVS
  • Before conception, genetic counseling & advanced genetic testing are done to improve the condition of the pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes management is used to manage the risk of adopting diabetes during the gestation period in pregnant women

Am I Eligible for the Treatments?


Every pregnant woman who is eligible for fetal medicine treatments finds any difficulty during pregnancy. Maternal fetal medicine doesn’t count as treatment, it extends as specialized care for pregnant women, so it is recommended for normal pregnancy. It assesses the risk associated with pregnancy on an early basis and helps in diagnosis. As the fetus’s growth & development occur inside the mother’s womb, it requires an in-depth examination to detect any abnormalities. Ultrasound scanning made it convenient to provide a wider structure for better inspections. 

So, there is no such exception for the treatment. Every pregnant woman who is expecting specialized maternal care & support for babies can consult their gynecologist for effective fetal medicine checkups. 

Role of Fetal Medicine Specialists

The basic role of a fetal medicine specialist is to extend the required test, scanning & regular monitoring of fetus growth. With every passing trimester, babies grow on different levels, and assessing the right development can be done with the help of a doctor or specialist. Their role is:-

  • To assess the fetus’s growth & development with ultrasound scanning 
  • They specialized to handle the scanning & monitoring with utmost care without damaging the fetus
  • With the knowledge & experience, specialists can interpret the results for scan reports & suggest the diagnosis
  • They help women developing high-risk pre-eclampsia and recommend effective treatments
  • Plan the routine pregnancy test & checkups for mothers during their pregnancy cycles, it depends on the level of risk associated with pregnancy

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