Ankura Hospital: A Place to Find the Best Pediatrician in Pune


We are committed to improving children’s health in our society by modeling the best general pediatrics practices and promoting the general pediatrician’s role as a primary healthcare provider for children. Our purpose is to make Ankura the top hospital for children with the help of the best pediatrician near me  in Pune. Our expert team is motivated to care for children as quickly and happily as possible.

We have the top pediatrician in Pune to provide your child with extremely specialized care. Our doctors, nurses, and the best pediatrician in Pune are compassionate and skilled caregivers who will make your sick child feel at home. Your child can receive comprehensive health care from Ankura thanks to our patient-centered principles, and our expertise results in a unique patient experience.

Ankura Hospitals the Best Pediatric Surgeons in Pune

A physician focusing on treating babies, children, teenagers, and young adults is known as a pediatrician, and we have the best pediatrician in Pune. The requirement for a top pediatrician in Pune is high as they are crucial for children’s health and well-being. Their need begins from the child’s birth and goes all the way till they are 18. They often prevent, spot, and address behavioral, developmental, and physical issues that affect a child’s physical and mental health. However, some pediatricians practice general medicine while others concentrate on other at-risk children with certain medical conditions. The Department of Pediatrics at Ankura in India has significantly influenced the care provided in pediatric clinics, which is why they have the best pediatrician near me in Pune. In a child-friendly setting, Ankura Hospital is famous for its excellent talent in treating diseases in children, from infants to teenagers.

Services provided by our best pediatrician in Pune include: 

  • General Pediatrics: Consult with our pediatrician to get an idea about the children’s physical, social, and mental health. We ensure that your little ones get the best care possible and expert pediatric care with regular checkups & vaccinations. 
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Ankura Hospital – the best women and child hospital is ready to handle emergency cases where infants require focus and advanced treatments with regular monitoring. Our pediatric intensive care unit is well-equipped with ventilators, cooling devices, radiant warmers, and ultrasound machines. Our dedicated staff will stay available for 24 hours to serve you with the best care. 
  • Pediatric Pulmonology & Allergy: Our pediatricians diagnose children’s congenital and allergies to serve the best recovery possible. We help you with different conditions, such as eczema, regular infections, sleep problems & snoring, feeding problems, food allergies, and frequent coughs & colds. 
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: The best children’s hospital – Ankura Hospital brings you the best level-3 Neonatal intensive care unit to treat newborn sickness. It contains a range of ventilators & respiratory supports, Ultrasound, and functional echocardiography to assist treatments.
  • Pediatric Endocrinology: We treat the different medical conditions present in children, such as growth problems, delayed puberty, Short Stature, Obesity, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, and Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes mellitus.
  • Pediatric Nephrology: We extend the best care for inherited kidney diseases, kidney stones, kidney failure, urinary tract infections, or other related issues.  
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology: Under the category, we provide treatment related to Chronic abdominal pain and constipation, chronic diarrhea and vomiting, malabsorption and allergic (GI) diseases, inflammatory bowel disease and GI bleeding, chronic liver diseases, and chronic pancreatitis.
  • Pediatric Surgery & Pediatric Urology: Ankura has top-notch pediatric surgeons to deal with complex conditions and minimize invasive tests and procedures. Book an appointment today if your child has an illness or disease of the genitals or urinary tract, and get the best treatment here at Ankura!
  • Pediatric ENT: Under this section, we provide treatment for conditions relating to ear, neck, throat, and related problems among kids. We offer compassionate care and support for trusted healthcare services. 
  • Pediatric Rheumatology & Immunology: Our department offers comprehensive treatment for Allergies, asthma, anaphylaxis and hypersensitivity, autoinflammatory syndromes, autoimmunity, and other disorders.
  • Pediatric Cardiology: We bring specialized care for cardiac conditions and ailments. Our pediatric cardiologist aims to help your child lead healthy and productive treatments. 
  • Nutrition: Consult with our child specialist for guidance on a kid’s nutrient requirement, including vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat.
  • Child Development Center: At the center, we provide consultation for the needs of children dealing with developmental disabilities and autism. 
  • Behavioral Pediatrics: Assessing your little ones’ behavior patterns also plays an important role in their development stages. Visit us if your kids show some mental health issues.

Pediatric Dermatology: Under the department, we care for kids’ skin-related issues that require medical attention. Ankura brings the best consultation for skin diseases among kids with women & child care centers.

When Should Your Child Visit Our Pediatrician Doctors in Pune?

For several reasons, you can speak with our pediatrician doctors in Pune at Ankura. The parents should bring their newborn to Ankura for a pediatric checkup within a week of birth. The well-being of a child must be ensured, making yearly tests essential. Parents should schedule necessary vaccinations and shots with their child’s pediatrician. It is pretty significant. Children should see our top pediatric surgeon in Pune if they have ear infections, common colds, sore throats, behavioral problems, etc. The best pediatric care for your child is available at Ankura, the best mother and child care facility in the country, now located in the city of Pune as well.

The best pediatric surgeons in Pune recommend that parents bring their children in for checks at least once yearly. It promotes a close relationship between the youngster and their pediatrician and is crucial for the child’s health. This is essential for the child to live a happy and healthy life. Ankura offers the best pediatric near me in Pune for your child’s well-being and development.

Your Child Needs a Pediatrician

A family doctor is capable of treating children. However, parents are suggested to appoint pediatricians to care for their children because the top pediatrician doctors in Pune have specialized degrees in only child health and care. Children’s thought processes also receive their undivided attention. They deal with the child’s emotional and behavioral issues in addition to their medical ones. 


The best pediatric doctor in Pune advises parents to understand the value of immunization for their children. A variety of dangerous diseases, such as smallpox, whooping cough, mumps, polio, tetanus, rubella, and other fatal illnesses, can be prevented in your child by immunization. We have all cutting-edge immunization treatments available in Ankura, Pune, as that is our primary concern. 


The best pediatric doctor in Pune advises parents to understand the value of immunization for their children. A variety of dangerous diseases, such as smallpox, whooping cough, mumps, polio, tetanus, rubella, and other fatal illnesses, can be prevented in your child by immunization. We have all cutting-edge immunization treatments available in Ankura, Pune, as that is our primary concern. 

We specialize in women and children, and Ankura is also known as the finest maternity hospital in Pune.

Reach Out to Ankura for the Top Pediatric Surgeon in Pune

We have the best facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment at Ankura Pune to treat children and women. The care for your child begins here, even before your baby is born. Our top experts are Dr. Abhimanyu Sengupta, Senior Consultant in Pediatrics practicing since 1991, he got specialized experience for over 3 decades. Dr. Seema Joshi, Sr. Consultant Pediatrician & Adolescent Counselor, she is highly knowledgeable & shares the best guidance for child health issues.


With the most experienced pediatrician Ankura is the best hospital for children in Pune, Another distinguishing feature of our hospital is the neonatal and pediatric critical care unit, which offers several amenities certified by worldwide standards. Residents of the Pune region are encouraged to visit our center because it excels at providing pediatric care with the help of top pediatric surgeons in Pune. Other treatments we offer in the field of pediatrics include help with breastfeeding, fertility treatment, and physiotherapy. In addition to all of this, Ankura Hospitals provides excellent online consultations available around-the-clock. This sets us apart and makes it possible for our best pediatrician in Pune to assist people.

Not only the child care services, at Ankura Hospitals, you can get the best gynecologist in Pune  as well. Get comprehensive care from our expert team right away!

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