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Receive Unparalleled Care and Treatment at the Best Maternity Hospital for Normal Delivery in Hyderabad

Each couple’s life is irrevocably changed by pregnancy. To make parenting simple and stress-free for every couple, Ankura Hospital, the best maternity hospital near me in Hyderabad, provides childbirth facilities, infertility treatment, pregnancy monitoring, and other therapies. Skilled obstetricians and gynecologists monitor the patient’s health from the first trimester until labor. Dr. KL Poornima, a senior consultant in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology for over 20 years, with specialization in DGO and DNB degrees. Dr. K Ramana, MBBS & MD in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, she is specialized in performing surgeries & treatments.

Ankura Hospital is the top maternity hospital in Hyderabad for standard deliveries. Our skilled obstetricians, gynecologists, and neonatologists help deliver healthy babies. We provide successful, painless, and secure routine deliveries for both mother and child.

The mother has the choice of a natural delivery or a surgical section. Normal delivery is when a child is delivered without risk, usually through the birth canal or vagina. If there are no medical issues, the surgery is not extremely challenging, and this kind of childbirth procedure happens most frequently.

Modern labor suites are available to patients at Ankura Hospital, one of the best hospitals for pregnancy in Hyderabad, to ensure a smooth labor and delivery process. Electronic beds, pulse oximeters, fetal heart monitors, and a neonatal resuscitation center are available.

Our best maternity hospital near me  in Hyderabad offers care in various medical specialties, such as maternity, gynecology, fertility, neonatal critical care, and pediatrics. We wish to help women of all ages and stages of life. Each guest who begins her maternal journey at Ankura Hospital develops a special bond with us. As a result, we launch a compassionate strategy underpinned by clinical know-how, all-encompassing care, and joy. Our staff can deliver high-risk pregnancies through the cesarean section in an emergency.

If you’re expecting soon, our safe and ready maternity program will provide you with the best care. For your pregnancy and delivery, we are here for you and your child.

The Best Maternity Services for Pregnant Mothers 

Exceptional maternity care is offered at Ankura Hospital by obstetricians, labor and delivery experts, nurses, and other caring professionals in a friendly, relaxed setting. You can receive a range of therapies, including cutting-edge labor and delivery services, from prenatal through postpartum care.

We are dedicated to giving you and your expanding family the best care possible throughout your stay, from labor and delivery to postpartum recovery. Our multidisciplinary, specialized teams take wonderful care of you while being sympathetic, upbeat, and considerate of your birth plan.

Pregnancy Trimester: A normal pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks with three trimesters till the final delivery. Each trimester brings new health challenges for expectant mothers that require clinical support. Visiting your gynecologist at the hospital for women will ensure the right development of the fetus, and if any complication arises, it will be treated on an early basis. Undergoing all recommended tests can prevent pregnancy complications. 

Fetal Medicine and Ultrasonography: Ankura Hospital brings the best technology-backed ultrasound scans, like anatomy scans, nuchal scans, and trimester ultrasounds. Fetal medicine can help to identify the embryo, assess fetus growth, and any threat to the baby’s growth. Ultrasonography helps with fetal position, placenta location, estimated fetal weight, anatomy survey for the fetus, and amniotic fluid volume.

Labor and Delivery: Dealing with labor pain is the most stressful task for mothers. Ankura Hospital can help you with the best methods to ease the pain. We relax pregnant women during the four stages of labor to ease out the birthing experience. Ankura’s childbirth classes also help parents understand what happens during labor and what to anticipate in advance.

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section): High-risk pregnancies lead to the requirement of VBAC delivery to handle abnormalities. At the childcare hospital – Ankura Hospital, we emphasize eliminating the risk factor for mother and baby to undergo VBAC surgeries. We also provide the best electronic fetal monitoring under the supervision of a gynecologist. 

Painless Delivery: The mother went through a lot of excruciating pain during their delivery. Our hospital provides pain relief. Our expert team at Ankura Hospital secures your painless birthing experience that helps to deal with labor pain easily.

High-Risk Pregnancies: Complicated pregnancies can occur due to drinking & drugs, smoking, age, prior medical history, and genetic disorders. At the best women and child hospital, we bring you state-of-the-art infrastructure and a dedicated team of specialists to deliver the best healthcare services to manage all the risks associated with pregnancy. 

Postnatal Care: The maternity journey doesn’t end even after 9-month delivery. Our expert panel team guides you and assists with post-pregnancy conditions. Immunization schedule, regular health check-ups, detection of any postpartum health complications for the child, identifying the child’s signs & symptoms, dealing with simple and routine conditions, and administering medicines (if any). 

Breastfeeding Support: Ankura’s top gynecologist provides nutritional support that is essential for mothers and newborns. We suggest the best diet rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water to improve women’s health and better breastfeeding. This breastfeeding milk is best for newborns containing antibodies, hormones, and essential nutrients, ensuring newborn growth and development. We can help you with dealing with cracked nipples, milking problems, engorgement, thrush infections, and breast inflammation.  

Lactation Guidance: Lactation is the process of milk secretion by the mother and requires hands-on knowledge of the process. The best children hospital brings lactation consultants offering the best advice to improve breastfeeding and support newborns with essential nutrients. 

We offer: 

  • Nurses and specialized medical personnel
  • The top doctors for pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding support and referrals to lactation consultants and 
  • Childbirth educators

The best hospital for women, Ankura Hospitals, will treat you and your newborn in a compassionate setting. You can experience labor, give birth, and recover all in one place at our women’s center. You and your newborn child will have access to a private postpartum room after giving birth. Specialized maternity care is available in a relaxing setting. We collaborate on a variety of delivery strategies and use all available tools.

Top Ranking in the Maternity Hospital Industry

Pregnancy is the most memorable time in a woman’s life, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. You may put your worries to rest, though, because we provide excellent maternity and childcare services. With cutting-edge equipment, 30 or more OTs, over 300 consulting rooms, a Level III NICU, and a PICU, we have over 900 patient beds. Additionally, we offer round-the-clock emergency care.

We ensure that every patient receives a treatment plan specific to their needs at a standard birth hospital Hyderabad. Additionally, we offer emergency, trauma, critical care, and ventilator-support ambulance services around the clock.

Maternity Care

You receive the direction, compassion, and care you require from the gynecologist at Ankura and their staff. From conception until delivery, pregnancy should be cherished as a wonderful experience.

When preparing for pregnancy, couples should seek counsel from an experienced gynecologist and obstetrician. Gynecologists carefully examine prospective mothers at Ankura, the best hospital for delivery in Pune, and counsel them to make lifestyle changes that could lower their risk before, during, or after the pregnancy. These adjustments could entail altering one’s eating habits, getting in shape, finding a work-life balance, limiting or quitting particular activities, etc. With a well-thought-out plan, many pregnancy-related hazards can be reduced and controlled.

Additionally, it makes it easier to handle situations where the danger is tough to eliminate. When pregnancy is anticipated and prepared for, it is typically more enjoyable and enriching.

Why Ankura Hospitals?

We collaborate with the top maternity doctors in India. Take advantage of our first-rate maternity services to receive the greatest prenatal and postpartum care. The best pediatricians and neonatologists in Hyderabad care for your baby. We commit to raising your child in a happy and healthy environment.

With the help of cutting-edge technologies, our skilled group of dedicated pediatric surgeons performs difficult surgeries. Ankura is one of the best maternity hospitals near me  in Hyderabad because we offer a wide range of specialist maternity and newborn care and have the best female gynecologist. We advocate complete transparency and charge no extra fees so that you may concentrate on obtaining therapy.

Specialists Trained at Institutions such as PGI and AIIMS

The greatest medical care is given to you and your loved ones by our team of medical experts in facilities that have received NABH accreditation.

Budget-Friendly and 0% EMI

We work to ensure that you receive the best care while paying as little money as feasible.

100% Fixed Price Packages

We support comprehensive disclosure and no additional fees so that you may concentrate on your treatment.

Specialists Trained at Institutes like AIIMS, PGI

Our team of medical experts and hospitals with NABH accreditation provides the greatest medical care for you and your loved ones.

Affordable Prices & 0% EMI

We assist you in receiving the best care possible while minimizing financial strain.

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