Avail the services at The Best PICU in Tirupati at Ankura Hospital

Having a sick child is an extremely stressful experience, and it gets even more difficult when that child is admitted. Having the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) available is not only comforting during times of crisis, but it is also essential. Ankura Hospita- PICU Hospital in Tirupati, is a shining example of healing and hope, providing excellent pediatric critical care services.

Before delving into Ankura Hospital’s outstanding service of PICU in Tirupati, it’s critical to comprehend the importance of a pediatric intensive care unit.

For dangerously ill newborns, kids, and teenagers, a hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is a dedicated unit. It provides care for life-threatening conditions and cutting-edge technologies, staffed by qualified personnel.

Our services at Pediatric ICU in Tirupati

  • Latest generation multi-channel cardiac monitors
  • In-house 2D echo and ultrasound machines
  • Intracranial pressure monitoring equipment
  • Continuous video EEG monitoring facility
  • Hemodialysis machine
  • The latest generation ventilators
  • High-Frequency Oscillators,
  • Nitric Oxide inhalation,
  • Whole-body cooling devices
  • High-end giraffe incubators
  • Radiant warmers. Etc.

Children with a variety of medical issues can receive full critical care services from our pediatric critical care unit in Tirupati. From serious infections to respiratory distress, our team of professionals is equipped to handle urgent situations with empathy and accuracy.

Benefits of having Pediatric Intensive care With Us

Selecting the Ankura Hospital for Pediatric ICU in Tirupati ensures your child gets the greatest care and support possible during crucial periods. It also offers specialized expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and family-centered care.

One cannot emphasize the importance of having a well-stocked PICU. Having access to a PICU can be crucial in cases of emergencies, diseases, and accidents that occur at any moment. This requirement is acknowledged by Ankura Hospital, a reputable service provider PICU hospital in Tirupati, which has set up a PICU that adheres to the best standards of care.

Ankura Hospital: One stop solution for PICU in Tirupati

In Tirupati, Ankura Hospital serves as a haven for underprivileged kids in addition to being a hospital. We are the name you can trust for pediatric critical care in Tirupati. Our goal is your child’s health, and we’re here to make sure your family has a happier, healthier future. Your child deserves the best, therefore choose Ankura Hospital for the best Pediatric ICU in Tirupati.

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Like an ICU for adults, a PICU offers specialized treatment for children. In both facilities, critical circumstances are managed by highly skilled individuals.

By providing emotional support and direction, it guarantees that parents and guardians are actively involved in their child’s treatment plan.

In critically unwell children, nitric oxide treatment is used to treat certain respiratory problems and raise oxygen levels.

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