Get Specialized Care for Your Children at Our PICU in LB Nagar

Children and young adults are vulnerable and require special care & attention. Ankura Hospital understands it well and provides you peace that everything is going to be alright. We have a well-equipped PICU in LB Nagar to ensure that your children who require specialized care will get required treatments here for their good health.

When Do Children or Young Adults Require PICU?

  • Severe infection
  • Critical injury
  • Organ failure
  • Cancer
  • Serious breathing problem
  • Diabetes complications
  • Physical trauma

Functionality of Our Pediatric ICU in LB Nagar

At Ankura Hospital, our PICU in LB Nagar is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring your child’s well-being. Our pediatric critical care in LB Nagar is designed to provide the utmost care for your child in critical conditions.

Moreover, our PICU in LB Nagar or other locations has IVs, monitors, ventilators, nurses, and round-the-clock service. These functionalities of our pediatric ICU in LB Nagar aid in providing the utmost care to your children in any critical condition.

We are committed to making pediatric critical care accessible to families residing at various locations. Moreover, we provide the same level of care and attention to your children at all locations, including the PICU hospital in LB Nagar.

Different PICU Levels

  • Level I: Basic Critical Care
  • Level II: Intermediate Critical Care
  • Level III: Advanced Critical Care

Ankura Hospital offers Level III pediatric intensive care in LB Nagar and at other locations.

Our Healthcare Offerings

Ankura Hospital is committed to the well-being of children and women by offering:-


We are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of your children and provide pediatric intensive care in LB Nagar and other locations to treat the critical conditions of your child.


Our doctors, nurses, and surgeons provide the utmost care and attention you need during your pregnancy.


At Ankura Hospital, we handle various Gynecology issues, providing holistic care and support.

Why Choose Us?

Ankura Hospital is your trusted healthcare partner and aids you in achieving your child’s physical, social, and emotional well-being. We provide a PICU in LB Nagar to treat critical illness with comprehensive care. 

We have more than 1 thousand beds, 360-plus consulting rooms, 40-plus OTs, and Level III Pediatric ICU in LB Nagar and other locations, ensuring your child’s good health. Moreover, we provide 24/7 emergency care, ventilator-supported ambulances, and personalized treatment. 

Regarding our PICU units, we are committed to providing pediatric critical care across a wide range of locations, be it the PICU hospital in LB Nagar, the pediatric ICU in Kompally, the PICU hospital in Balanagar, or other locations. So, contact or visit us today!

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