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Gynecology & Obstetrics

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Ankura Hospital: Best Gynecologist in Boduppal

Ankura Hospital has witnessed one of the best transformational journeys to provide holistic healthcare services for women & children. We understand the suffering of women due to improper treatments and lack of proper consultation under the best Gynecologist in Boduppal. Ankura builds a top-notch women’s healthcare specialty in Boduppal so that women can get the best treatments under gynecologist consultation in Boduppal. 

Our Boduppal Center introduced the hub of advanced technology & equipment, which helps to spread clinical services all over the city. We bring over 100 beds capacity to serve patients, it also consists of 25 beds under Neonatal Intensive Care Unit & 20 beds for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. 

Ankura Hospital specialized in maternity care, gynecology, and pediatrics departments. Whether you are feeling issues related to regular menstruation, urinal infections, pelvic floor issues, or handling high-risk pregnancies, Ankura brings the best for you.

Specialized Services Under the Best Gynecologist Doctor in Boduppal

Fetal Medicine & Ultrasound: Advanced ultrasound with the best technologies helps to get the 3D & 4D examination of ovaries. Fetal medicine helps provide extra care for womb babies. It assists to extend fast & reliable treatment to women’s ailments. 

Menstruation Disorders: From the starting phase of puberty, young females go through hormonal changes that lead to cases of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), &  irregular flows. Ankura’s gynecology specialist in Boduppal can also provide treatment for menopause among women.

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Motherhood: Ankura provides the best female gynecologist in Boduppal covering pregnancy trimesters challenges, fetal medicine & ultrasonography, labor and delivery, VBAC or vaginal birth after cesarean, painless delivery, high-risk pregnancies, postnatal care, breastfeeding support, nutrition, and lactation. 

Pelvic Floor Issues: It is a common dysfunction that makes it difficult to relax & coordinate pelvic floor muscles. 

Birth Control & Contraceptives: Women require in-depth knowledge of birth control measures, safe sex, and protection from sexual infections that can take severe forms. Ankura Hospital brought a lady doctor gynecologist in Boduppal to guide them on the best birth control after taking into consideration her medical health conditions. 

Labor Pain & Delivery: Ankura has specialized in handling labor pain & high-risk pregnancies to provide normal delivery or VBAC. With the help of special gynecologists in boduppal & dedicated medical staff, the pregnancy journey of women becomes more relaxed.

Post-Pregnancy Support: Women deal with different challenges even after delivering babies, she requires the best consultation for breastfeeding & lactation support. Ankura’s gyno specialist in Boduppal can help women to deal with their problems with effective treatments.

Consult Ankura Hospital for the Best Female Gynaecologist in Boduppal

Ankura Hospital marks a different name in the healthcare industry for women & children. Our hospital centers are specialized to offer services related to pediatric care, advanced cancer treatments, labor pain, PCOD, delivery, surgeries, and others. We gather the best medical staff in India to make you available for the best treatment for 24 hours.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is well equipped with the best technologies like an AI symptom checker, fetal medicine, advanced ultrasonography, and regular monitoring & sensing with accurate results. It alleviates the quality standard that we maintain across centers.

Our Services for Gynecology & Obstetrics along with their benefits:

In the world of maternal and reproductive medical care, a variety of services are intended to guarantee the well-being and prosperity of women all through their journey from origination to post-pregnancy. Our gynecology specialist in Boduppal takes special care of a different scope of necessities, from routine consideration to complex clinical circumstances.

Preconception Counseling: Expert guidance for healthy conception, addressing lifestyle, medical factors, and preparation for pregnancy.


  • Guidance for healthier pregnancies
  • Identifies risks
  • Optimizes health before conception
  • Support for the baby’s future well-being.

Fetal Medicine & Ultrasound: Advanced imaging techniques to monitor fetal development, diagnose issues, and ensure a healthy pregnancy.


  • Detailed insights into baby’s health
  • Detects anomalies early
  • Informs timely interventions
  • Facilitates informed decisions

Prenatal Care: Comprehensive medical attention, tests, and advice during pregnancy to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby.


  • Nurtures healthy pregnancy
  • Monitors baby’s growth
  • Manages maternal health
  • Ensures optimal well-being

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean): Safe option allowing women with prior C-sections to attempt a vaginal delivery, considering individual circumstances.


  • Empowers birth choices
  • Reduces surgical risks
  • Promotes natural birth
  • Boosts confidence to give birth

Labor Pain & Normal Delivery: Expert support by our lady doctor gynecologist in Boduppal manages labor pain and facilitates natural childbirth for a positive birthing experience.


  • Holistic pain management
  • Promotes vaginal birth
  • Empowers mothers
  • Reduces interventions
  • Fosters positive birth experiences

Postnatal Care: Specialized care after childbirth, focusing on maternal recovery, newborn care guidance, and emotional support.


  • Supports post-birth recovery
  • Baby care guidance
  • Mental health focus
  • Smooth transition to parenthood.

Painless Deliveries: Utilizing pain management techniques to ensure comfort during labor and delivery for a positive childbirth experience


  • Enhanced delivery experience
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Controlled pain
  • Tailored pain relief
  • Promotes positive childbirth memories

High-Risk Pregnancies: Specialized care for pregnancies involving potential complications, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both mother and baby


  • Expert management
  • Mitigates complications
  • Safeguards mother and baby
  • Optimizes pregnancy outcomes

Minimally Invasive Surgery: Advanced surgical techniques with smaller incisions, leading to faster recovery and reduced postoperative discomfort.


  • Swift recovery
  • Small incisions
  • Less scarring
  • Reduced complications
  • Advanced surgical techniques

Lactation Counseling & Support: Professional guidance for breastfeeding, addressing challenges and ensuring optimal nutrition and bonding.


  • Breastfeeding guidance
  • Enhances bonding
  • Optimal infant nutrition
  • Empowers breastfeeding success

Menopause Treatments: Tailored therapies by our best female gynecologist in Boduppal manage menopausal symptoms, promoting well-being and quality of life during this transition.


  • Alleviates symptoms
  • Hormonal balance
  • Personalized therapies
  • Smooth transition to menopause

Menstrual Disorders: Diagnosing and managing abnormal menstrual patterns, offering relief and improved reproductive health.


  • Diagnosis & treatment
  • Menstrual health restored
  • Hormonal balance
  • Tailored care plans

Pelvic Floor Issues: Specialized care for pelvic floor problems, addressing conditions like incontinence and prolapse to enhance quality of life.


  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Restores function
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Enhances comfort
  • Improves pelvic health

Urogynecology: Expert evaluation and treatment of urinary and pelvic concerns, offering comprehensive solutions for women’s health.


  • Expert urological care
  • Women’s pelvic health
  • Addresses incontinence
  • Restores comfort

PCOD/PCOS Management: Holistic approach to manage Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, including lifestyle changes and medical interventions.


  • Hormonal regulation
  • Fertility support
  • Symptom alleviation
  • Enhanced overall health

Maternity Care Services at Ankura Hospital: Nutritional guidelines, Yoga classes, Mental health support, Breastfeeding support, Painless delivery, prenatal & postnatal care, labor pain management, fetal medicine & ultrasonography, pregnancy trimesters checkups, different birthing techniques.

Ankura Hospital – Best Amenities & Treatments

Our focused team understands the visitors’ concern over quality standards in the centers. Ankura Hospital has an edge in such a facility, we provide the best patient room with high capacity, green operation theaters prepared to handle high-risk surgeries, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Our supportive volunteers will assist you from the time you enter the hospital and guide you to reach the best specialist. 

We met all the standard criteria to come up with safe treatments that gain the trust of more than a thousand women in India. Our hospital has more than 900+ beds capacities, specialized green OTs, Level 3 NICU & PICU, and other advanced medical equipment. 

With our NABH accreditation, we are establishing the name as your go-to best healthcare provider.

Advance Treatment for Women at Ankura Hospital!

In the healthcare sector missing out on any timely treatments can take severe forms. The best treatments require proper analysis of the body’s requirements to start the clinical process. Ankura Hospital brings the best gynecologist in Boduppal and holds expertise in the medical field of gynecology.

Every woman requires routine checkups & timely consultation from the Best Gynecologist in boduppal. Ankura Hospital expands into different locations, such as the best gynecologist in Banjara Hills, Boduppal, Balanagar, KPHB, Madinaguda, Attapur, AS Rao Nagar, Kompally, LB Nagar, and gynecologists in Tirupati. You can also visit our top gynecologist in Pune

Suffering from any women-centric diseases, book an appointment with us!


A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in female reproductive health. They diagnose and treat issues related to the female reproductive tract. Girls between the ages of 13 and 15 years should have their first gynecology visit.

It is normal to feel nervous before your first visit with the gynecologist. You can speak about how you feel with your parents or someone trustworthy. If you let your gynecologist know, they will help you feel more at ease.

The commonly discussed topics with your gynecologist may be: cramps, menstrual cycle problems, acne, weight, sexuality, regulation of births, STIs, menopause, contraception, urinary and pelvic floor related disorders, discomfort felt in the urinary tract, PCOS. You are free to discuss any concerns you may have with our gynecologists.

Obstetrics involves care during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Gynecology deals with reproductive health and the functions and diseases specific to women and girls.

Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. Oophorectomy is the surgical removal of an ovary. 

  • Cesarean section; which is the procedure of delivering a baby through a cut in the abdomen or uterus.
  • External cephalic version; which is the procedure that externally rotates the fetus from a breech presentation to a vertex presentation.

Gynecology is a medical specialty that deals with the health of a woman’s reproductive system. It is a specialty of medicine that focuses on disorders affecting women and girls, particularly the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive organs. GYN is another abbreviation for gynecology.


An obstetrician is a doctor who specialises in the surgical treatment of pregnant women. They are doctors that oversee the pregnancy, labour, delivery, and post-natal care of women. An obstetrician is a doctor who cares for pregnant women from beginning to end. An obstetrician’s main responsibilities include:

  • During your pregnancy, you will have regular ultrasounds and tests to assess your health and that of your kid.
  • Diet and medicine recommendations.
  • Deliver your baby.
  • Assist you in dealing with concerns such as morning sickness, physical ache, and so on.

Babies are delivered by the Obstetrician or by the OB/GYN along with their care team.

  • Contraceptive gels should not be used since they could affect the test results.
  • Avoid having sexual contact the night before.
  • Self-diagnosis and self-treatment should be avoided, no matter how minor the problem appears to be.
  • If possible, avoid scheduling your appointment during your menstrual cycle; nevertheless, this is a case-by-case basis.
  • Grooming your pelvis right before your appointment is not a good idea.

If you’re having problems with your reproductive system, see a gynecologist right away. You may encounter irregular menstruation periods, lumps in the breast, abdominal pain, and other symptoms.

You have a few topics to talk about during your session. You’ll need to figure out which sort of birth control is best for you, as well as the effects of each. Choose the doctor you trust most to manage your birth control.

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