5 Best First Trimester Exercises

5 Best First Trimester Exercises

Pregnancy might seem a perfect time to sit back & relax, and you are more likely to experience body pain and exhaustion just doing small & lightweight work. But the fact is that sitting around won’t help you unless you get involved in daily exercise during your first trimester. 

So, if you are considering the benefits associated with exercise during pregnancy and which exercises you can follow, you are at the right place. 

With this article, we’ll talk about all these without further ado. 

Benefits of Doing Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy has truckloads of benefits, and these are;

  • Reduce backaches, constipation, bloating
  • Enhance mood and level of energy
  • Boost the quality of sleep
  • Reduces extra weight gain 
  • Increases muscle tone, strength & endurance 

Some other potential benefits of regular exercise during the trimester are:

  • Lower risk of gestational diabetes 
  • Shortened labor
  • Eliminates the risk of C-section

How Much Exercise is Good During Pregnancy?

As a healthy pregnant woman, it’s best to do at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobics per week. These exercises make you breathe deeply & faster, which makes your heart beat faster. 

A brisk walk is an excellent example of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, where you can’t talk or breathe easily during the activity or work too hard.   

That’s why you can exercise less than 2.5 hours at a time. For the maximum benefits, you can break it up through the week by 30 minutes for 5 days. 

Top 5 Exercises to Do During Trimester

 Here are the best exercises you can do during your early pregnancy. 

Keep Moving 

According to the experts, you must keep moving when you’re expecting. Exercise during early pregnancy reduces back pain, increases energy, better body shape, and a smooth recovery post-delivery. 

Staying fit during pregnancy doesn’t mean having fancy equipment or a significant time commitment. You can make your body regularly move at home or nearby parks, and make sure to move every other day for the best results. 


For this exercise, you need to stand parallel to the back of a sturdy chair with your hand closest to the chair resting on it. Keep your feet aligned and hip distance apart.  

Turn out to 45 degrees with your toes & knees while pulling your belly button up & in. Now, bend your knees by lowering your torso as low as possible while keeping your back straight. To return to the starting position, straighten your legs, which also helps improve your body’s balance. 

Target muscles – Quadriceps, hamstrings, and butt

Side-Lying Inner & Outer Thigh 

This is one of the great pregnancy exercises in the first trimester, where you must lie on your right side by keeping your forearm under your head. Bent your right leg to a 45-degree angle and left leg straight. Now, place another arm on the floor for maximum stability. Lift your left leg to the height of your hip and repeat the reps.  

Put your left knee by bending on the top of the pillow for maximum support. Straighten the right leg and lift it as high as you can. You can repeat this exercise 10 times. 

Target Muscles – Core & inner thighs 

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Plank is one of the most beneficial exercises during pregnancy that supports your floor muscles and prevents issues such as frequent urination and postpartum. To perform the exercises, get down on your hands and knees, and keep your wrists under your shoulders. 

Lift your legs behind you straight until your body forms a straight line. During plank, remember that your back won’t get arched or sag belly. 

Hold this for one to two breaths, and slowly take it for up to five breaths. 

Target Muscles – Core, arms, and back

Curl & Lift

Sit on a chair with your back straight, feet on the floor, and arms at your sides. Use 5 to 8 pounds dumbbells in both hands and slowly move towards your shoulder while making a 90-degree angle. 

Lift the weight to shoulder height, and keep your elbows bent. Lower your arms to the sides, then straighten the arms back to the starting point. You can repeat this exercise slowly. However, you need to avoid intense workouts that cause pain in your arms later. 

Target Muscles – Biceps & Shoulders

One-Arm Row 

A one-arm row is next on our list of exercise tips for pregnancy, and it is the most effective exercise for building a stronger back and helping reduce back pain. 

For this exercise, you need a sturdy chair. Keep your right knee on the seat and your left on the floor. Now bend forward with your back parallel to the floor and your right hand on the seat for support.  

Hold 5-8 pounds of a dumbbell with your left arm. Then extend down in your left hand and the arm in line with your shoulder. Bend the left elbow up in a way that forms a 90-degree angle. Hold it for seconds and then slowly pull downwards to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for a few reps and switch to the other sides. 

Winding Up 

Exercise during the trimester has myriad benefits, no doubt, for both mom & baby. Some form of exercise on most days of the week helps your core to be strong, your muscles fit, and your cardiovascular system in the best shape. 

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