Weaning: Tips to Help You Breastfeed Your Child

Weaning: Tips to Help You Breastfeed Your Child

Tips to Help You Breastfeed Your Child

The first thing you learn as a mother is to breastfeed your baby. A lot of mothers are concerned about their babies getting fed sufficient nutrients. You’re probably not too sure how things work and whether you’re doing it right or not. We’d advise you to take it easy and you will eventually get used to the whole process. We have listed out a few tips that are sure to help. 

  • Know What Your Baby Wants

Instead of waiting till your baby bursts out in tears, a few signs should help sense it beforehand. If your baby is hungry, it’s likely he/she will put their tongue out, suck on something close by, frequently open/close their mouth or turn their head time and again. These are obvious signs that your baby needs to be breast-fed as soon as possible. In this way, it also makes life a lot easier for the baby. 

  • How Long to Nurse is What Your Baby Decides

Your baby knows what he/she wants, not you. Give your baby the comfort of deciding how often to nurse. Make sure your baby is fed when he/she is hungry. Waking up your baby to feed him/her won’t be necessary just because it’s time for the next meal. Let your little one get all the sleep he/she needs. Nursing time can go all the way up to a little more than half-an-hour. Some babies take it easy and some like to hurry up with eating. 

  • Position Your Baby Correctly

During breastfeeding, it’s important that your baby is in a relaxed position, and make sure you get a hang of it as well. Ensure that your baby is:

  • Positioned in a manner wherein the baby’s mouth is at level with your nipple. 
  • Comfortable, with turning his/her head much.
  • Getting a grip of the whole areola, not just the nipple.
  • Positioned with chin up against your breast. 

Just ensure the baby isn’t under pressure to be in any of these positions, because your baby might be comfortable in another position altogether. What matters most is the comfort of your baby and how he/she is breathing as they nurse. 

  • Leaking of Milk is Normal

Initially, while breastfeeding, it is absolutely normal to see milk drip down from your nipples. It usually occurs when your baby hasn’t been nursed for a long time; it can also happen when you feel a strong rush of emotions or maybe even at a time when you’re thinking of your baby. The leaking stops once your baby continues to nurse. A nursing pad can always be placed in your bra, which will absorb the leaking milk. 

  • Hydration is important

It’s vital for you, as a mother, to stay hydrated, because you have to bear in mind the fact that you’re drinking and eating for two beings, not one. Ensure you drink a glass of water when you breastfeed, to replenish it. This also ensures enough milk is produced in your baby, so consider this to be a very important point. 

Breastfeeding can indeed be a little scary at first, but if you follow our tips, we are sure you’re going to be hugely benefited. Monitor your baby, get comfortable with him/her and learn to relax while at it. And, if you ever need help, don’t think twice to consult your doctor – your baby will do well in health, and so will you.

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