All You Need To Know About VBAC in Bhubaneshwar

To undergo VBAC during a second pregnancy, is known as a Trial of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC). Roughly 90% of the women who have gone through cesarean delivery can go for VBAC in Bhubaneshwar. There are 60-80% of women who have undergone VBAC and had a successful outcome. 

So if you are looking for VBAC in Bhubaneshwar then this is for you. This will help you know more about the VBAC, its pros and cons, and many more such things related to VBAC birth in Bhubaneshwar.

Understanding VBAC

This refers to giving birth through the vaginal process after having it through a c-section. It is said as the safest way to give birth to a baby who wishes to avoid the cesarean method of delivery. This type of delivery can be done in Ankura Hospital. At, Ankura Hospital we assist,

Pros of VBAC

  • Stay away from major surgery: As Vaginal birth doesn’t involve much of incisions as of C-section, the risks involved in this type of delivery are low as compared to VBAC. 
  • Recover Rapidly: As compared to the cesarean method, the vaginal birth after c-section recovers more rapidly than the cesarean one.

Future pregnancy gets better: Women who have gone through VBAC are expected to have less complications in the future. This helps to avoid problems related to the placenta previa and the other need for a c-section.

Cons of VBAC

Complications related to Uterine Rupture: There is a low risk of uterine rupture while giving birth through VBAC but this can be life-threatening for both mother and fetus.

Need for close monitoring: Females who opt for VBAC need personalized care to avoid potential problems during the procedure. 

Need for emergency C-Section: If any type of risk or complication takes place, an immediate C-section needs to be done.  

In such cases, you need to make the right decision and step towards Ankura Hospital. At Ankura Hospital we provide the best assistance and care related to VBAC. VBAC labor and delivery in Bhubaneswar is available at Ankura Hospital which provides the best assistance and care related to maternal health and care.

VBAC Birth in Banjara Hills - Ankura Hospitals Leading the Way:

VABC in Banjara Hills at Ankura Hospital is a pioneer in providing healthcare services. They offer specialized care for mothers who opt for VBAC with a team of skilled healthcare professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to personalized care. Ankura Hospitals in Banjara Hills is committed to making the VBAC journey a successful and memorable experience for all mothers.


The movement towards VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) is gaining momentum in the heart of Bhubaneswar. It is empowering mothers who aspire to have a vaginal delivery after a c-section in Bhubaneshwar. The city’s healthcare landscape is marked by compassion and knowledge. This ensures that mothers choosing VBAC receive the necessary support for a wonderful and satisfying birthing experience. As the conversation surrounding VBAC continues to evolve, Bhubaneswar serves as a testament to the transformative power of choice and the unwavering commitment to maternal well-being.

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