Providing Specialized Treatment With PICU in KPHB

Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in providing treatment to kids and young adults. The training they receive enables them to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and detect the medical ailment that causes trouble to these little ones. They also provide children with preventive care through medicine, diet, exercise, etc. If you are looking for the best PICU in KPHB, remember that Ankura Hospital is the best choice. 

We employ the best practices to provide women and children with the best healthcare and treatment. Parents and guardians who want the best for their children should consult us without any delay to receive the required treatment. The abundance of required medical resources and the best pediatric doctors in our team enables us to offer a high likelihood of quick recovery.

Treatments We Offer as a Pediatric ICU in KPHB

Following are some of the services we offer to patients at our pediatric ICU in KPHB:-

Pediatric Surgery & Pediatric Urology

At our pediatric unit, we offer treatment for Laparoscopic Repair of Hernia, Orchiopexy, Laparoscopic Appendectomy, etc. The pre and post-surgery consultations enable the parents to understand the complications and possible benefits of the surgery and the measures they must take for the recovery of their kids after the effects of surgery. 

Pediatric Neurology

It involves treating conditions like migraine, cerebral palsy, and other neurodegenerative disorders. 

Pediatric Cardiology

Our doctors are specialized in providing treatments relating to cardiological conditions among kids & young adults.

What Makes Our Treatment Trustworthy?

At Ankura Hospital, our pediatric critical care in KPHB employs practical measures to deliver the best possible outcomes to our patients. The children receive intensive care from our skilled doctors, from regular to rare diseases. Our treatment and assistance enable our patients to live a healthy life. 

We provide pediatric intensive Care in KPHB, with a multidisciplinary approach. Our pediatricians provide suitable treatment after a deep diagnosis of acute and prolonged health conditions of kids.

Why Should You Trust Ankura Hospital?

As a PICU hospital in KPHB, we have received the trust and preference of multiple patients for the quality treatment we offer. We take the required measures to provide the appropriate treatment to our patients. Most of our patients have received aspired solutions for their medical issues, especially the kids & young adults. 

Along with our well-equipped PICUs in different locations, we also offer other specialized treatments. You can also consult us if you are searching for a NICU in Bhubaneswar or a NICU in Pune to provide specialized treatment to your newborn. So, why settle for ordinary? Get in touch with us to receive high-quality treatment.

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