Fever in Children: When Should Parents be Concerned?

Fever in Children: When Should Parents be Concerned?

Fever in Children: When Should Parents be Concerned?

Fever in children is absolutely normal and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, after the coronavirus attacked the globe, a lot of parents are worried about their child’s fever being a possible symptom of COVID-19. Pediatricians want you to understand, however, that fever should be managed in the most natural way possible. Babies younger than 2 months, with a possible condition, might end up with soaring temperatures of up to 100.4F. But before you can rush to unnecessary conclusions, just calm down a little.

Stay Calm

Remain calm; we won’t suggest getting a doctor’s help instantly. Put aside the tension that pandemic brings with it and manage your kid’s fever like you would normally. Ensure they get rest and drink lots of water. 

A Fever? Nothing to Worry About

The body temperature of a child’s body climbs when the child’s body starts having a battle with the germs. An increase in body temperature to 100.4 degree Fahrenheit is a sign of fever. Children usually experience all types of fever in their formative years. 

Fever is just a tell-tale sign of an illness, and not necessarily a life-threatening one. The underlying issue needs to be diagnosed, however. It could be the result of a common cold, urinary infection or meningitis. 

Should you Call the Doctor?

Like we’d mentioned earlier, for babies younger than 2 months or children with certain conditions could be running a severe infection, in which case, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible. A pediatrician should be seen if your 2-3 month-old baby gets a fever. For children of other ages, just put your parenting skills to the test and become your own judge. 

Taking your kid’s temperature over-and-over again doesn’t make sense if you already know he/she is running a fever. Do, however, keep an eye out for other symptoms, observe how your child is doing in terms of being active or lethargic.  

See a doctor as quickly as you can if your child is experiencing shortness of breath, constantly crying – which could mean he/she is in pain. Make sure your child is also hydrated while having a fever. Alongside the fever, if there is a sudden appearance of a body rash, we’d recommend seeing a doctor. As the parent, you would be knowing better – just follow what you feel is best for your child. 

Worry or Not?

Thinking of it as COVID-19 is only a way of rushing into unnecessary conclusions. Just focus on taking care of your kid whilst keeping an eye out for any unusual symptoms. If you feel it isn’t in your control, don’t ignore consulting your physician Pediatric Specialist.

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