Women’s health and fitness: A much-needed priority

Women’s health and fitness: A much-needed priority

Women’s health and fitness: A much-needed priority

Women form the backbone of any society. With the limitless capabilities that they have, they have come a very long way and have proved that they can achieve, multitask and set examples in all aspects of life. In between all the hustle that they are surrounded with, the one aspect though, which often gets overlooked by them at times is their own health. Women’s health and fitness day, observed on the last Wednesday of September month, is a day to remind women of all age groups, the importance of their health.

The most important aspects that need to be known and inculcated by women in their daily regime for good health are a good diet, regular physical activity, and periodic gynaecological check-ups. Women of different age groups may observe different challenges when it comes to health. The dietary, exercise, and sleep requirements vary with age and so do the need for their gynaecological examinations. It is important for women to thus know, what suits best for them.

A Well Women check-up is recommended for women of all age groups to assure that they stay in good health. This includes a full check-up separate from any other visit for sickness or injury. A detailed examination of the pelvis and breasts, screening tests such as PAP smear for early detection of cervical cancer, blood sugar levels, thyroid screening, etc can form a part of such an examination. This is also an opportunity for younger women to discuss their monthly periods with their gynaecologist to make sure their ovaries are in good health. A detailed physical examination is supported by ultrasonography as required. Specific tests recommended for different age groups and customised for individual women as discussed by their gynaecologist are done during such an examination. Another important aspect that is covered during such a visit is getting any specific vaccine shots to improve their overall health. Such a visit is extremely important for all women, to make sure that any developing problem is detected at the start and is taken care of immediately.

A routine for exercise must be established by all women. Be it yoga, gym, or regular brisk walking, exercise works wonders for health. Following this every day with the spouse, friend or colleague can help one stick to it. Exercise not only helps one stay physically fit but is also a great boost for a healthy mind. Diet is another important aspect that ultimately determines a women’s health. Eating just to fill your stomach or please your taste buds may never be enough. Getting pregnant, nurturing a baby, and changing hormone levels throughout life changes the needs of specific nutrient requirements for a woman. It is thus recommended that a dietician be consulted and a healthy dietary schedule be formed by all women. A specific day dedicated to your health comes with an opportunity where you can set newer goals and take your health into your hands. What better day than this to form new habits and stick to them for great health.

Ankura Hospital for Women and Children urges all women to make their health the first priority. Women, the backbone of our society also form the foundation of every family and any family is as strong as its women. We thus urge you to schedule a check-up for yourself today itself, and stay strong and healthy.

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