Exploring The Wonders Of Water Birth At Ankura Hospitals

Exploring The Wonders Of Water Birth At Ankura Hospitals

One of those lifе changing еvеnts that ushеr in a nеw chaptеr for a couplе is bеcoming prеgnant and bеcoming parents. Whilе thеrе is a list of things to do and not to do to ensure the delivery gоеs wеll аnd thе typе of delivery is one of thе most crucial factors that matters to еvеryonе. Naturally, the majority of Indian women favor vaginal dеlivеry. Watеr birthing is a novеl tеchniquе which uses water, an ancient custom that is being revived and has gainеd popularity among Indian ladiеs.  

As you wеlcomе your tiny wondеr into thе world, you can fееl thе ocеan’s warmth around you and thе gеntlе wavеs carеssing your skin and a wavе of pеacе flowing ovеr you. This might be your actual delivery еxpеriеncе at Ankura Hospitals; it is not a scеnе from a tropical paradisе. Hеrе, wе arе dedicated to giving women and childrеn a reliable and compassionate healthcare еxpеriеncе and part of that dedication includes providing cutting еdgе birthing choicеs likе watеr birth delivery.

What Is Water Birth?

Laboring and/or giving birth in a warm water bath is known as a “water birth.” This method, often called hydrotherapy, is seen by some women as a mild means of enhancing their childbirth experience. In order to ensure the safety and acceptability of a water birth for both the mother and the child, it is imperative that women contemplating this option meet specific health requirements. Another name for it is hydrotherapy.

The physical strain of childbirth is tremendous for the mother’s body, making it an intense exercise. The idea behind water birthing is that after nine months in amniotic fluid, the baby will be kinder, and the mother will have less stress in this comparable setting. Warm water use during childbirth is not advised. NICE guidelines also refer to it as a natural soothing technique.   

It may sound a little hazardous, but according to experts, it is the safest and most natural way to give birth because it lessens labor discomfort by roughly 70%. This service is exclusively available to women during childbirth. Physicians will deliver the baby in the water if the mother prefers. This will help her get over her agony.

Sea Of Benefits That Water Birthing Provides

There are several possible advantages of water labor delivery: 

  • Pain relief: During labor, back pain and discomfort may be lessened by the buoyancy of the water. The body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, can also be released, and the warm water enhances relaxation.
  • Increased mobility: Moving more freely in the water during labor can aid in managing contractions and locating comfortable positions.
  • Decreased stress and anxiety: Both the mother and the infant may feel more secure and experience less anxiety in the tranquil surroundings of the birthing pool.
  • Reduced labor time: Research indicates that giving birth underwater may reduce labor times, especially for first-time moms.

A more comfortable transition for the infant: The warm water can make the infant’s journey from the womb to the outside world easier.

Ankura Hospitals: Your Trusted Guide Through Water Birth

At Ankura Hospitals, we recognize that each woman’s childbirth journey is distinct. You and our caring staff of nurses, midwives, and obstetricians will create a customized birth plan that reflects your priorities and preferences. Should water birth pique your curiosity, we can address any concerns and offer thorough details about the procedure, its advantages, and its hazards.

Modern birthing pools are a feature of our specially designed labor and delivery rooms, allowing you to experience the ease and possible benefits of childbirth in water in a secure setting. Regardless of your delivery style, we provide a loving and encouraging environment to guarantee a pleasant and empowering environment.

Making An Informed Decision

The choice of whether or not to give birth underwater is ultimately a personal one. You may feel secure while opting for water birth, the birthing experience that’s ideal for you by learning about the advantages and disadvantages, talking through your alternatives with your healthcare practitioner at Ankura Hospitals, we carefully evaluate water birth in hospitals and your unique requirements.

Embrace The Journey: Welcome Your Little Miracle With Confidence

We at Ankura Hospitals are committed to giving women the power to make knowledgeable decisions about their healthcare. Among the various choices we provide to make giving birth enjoyable and unforgettable is water birth. Our committed staff is here to accompany you at every stage of the process, regardless of whether you decide on a water birth, a conventional hospital delivery, or another choice. Let us lead you on this fantastic journey as you bring your most valuable gift.

Get In Touch With Us

Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry. Our doctors will receive or return any urgent calls.

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