Pelvic Floor Health: Why It Matters and How to Improve It?

Pelvic Floor Health: Why It Matters and How to Improve It?

The pelvic floor refers to the muscles and tissues present between the bony part of the pelvis. It assists different functions of the body, such as bowel movements, urination, sex, pregnancy, and delivery. Apart from these functions, the pelvic floor helps other organs to work, like the bladder, intestines, and reproductive organs. In some cases, women face frequent problems associated with a pelvic floor that can increase pain and muscle strains. Consulting any specialist & doctor would be a recommendation for pelvic floor therapy

Having good pelvic floor health sounds important! Yes, caring for your pelvic floor health helps women in many ways. Here are the best reasons that make us understand the importance of maintaining good pelvic health.

Risk of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Women might experience severe problems of pelvic organ prolapse. The reason can be weakened pelvic floor muscles and tissues. Due to the muscle contractions, pelvic organs like the rectum, uterus, and bladder drop towards the area of the vagina. Some of the early symptoms to check include bulge from the vagina, a feeling of pressure around the vaginal area, a problem during sex, difficulty inserting tampons, bladder leakage, and bowel movement issues.

Be more comfortable and share your concerns with your gynecologist. He/she will suggest the best medications and treatments for fast recovery.

Urination Incontinence  

Women face the problem of holding the pee, whether the bladder is full or empty. It occurs when the pelvis cannot support the bladder with the same efficiency. Mostly, women feel shy and ignore the problem assuming it’s part of aging. However, doctors suggest going for a checkup. The condition is totally treatable and can be recovered with proper treatment and medications. 

Problem With Urinary Retention

The condition is the opposite of urinary incontinence. In this, women are unable to empty their full bladder. A few common reasons could be weakening pelvic floor muscles and bladder slagging or shifting from position. 

Uterus Prolapse 

The other common condition associated with pelvic floor issues is prolapse of the uterus. It makes your uterus drop down to the vagina creating problems with functioning. Women may face problems, such as pain while having sex, pressure around the vagina, lower back pain, discomfort during walking, and discharge & bleeding. Consulting a doctor can help to reverse the effects of uterus prolapse.

Problems With Bowel Movement

Pelvic floor issues give rise to bowel movement that creates the problem of bowel movement, disrupts the mood, and creates problems in different functions of the body. Following the proper lifestyle, exercising daily, and eating a nutritious diet can help you recover. The main reason behind the erratic bowel movement is women’s lack of physical activity. With hectic schedules, women are juggling their personal and professional lives, and they barely get time to compensate for their fitness level.

Important Role Played By Pelvic Floor 

Support to the Organs: The pelvic floor muscles assist other body organs, including the uterus, bladder, rectum, and abdominal organs. It acts as the support for organs against gravity and downward pressure. 

Improves Stability: The pelvic floor is among the four muscles that combine and helps build the inner core to provide stability to our pelvis and lower back muscles, and it supports the entire body. 

Sphincteric Function: The pelvic floor muscles help the opening part of the urethra, from where the urine, rectum & feces come out. It helps to prevent urine leakages, gas, and feces. 

Sexual functionality: Pelvic floor plays a vital role during intercourse. 

Regulate Proper Circulation: It can also contribute to blood pumping toward the heart and helps in proper blood circulation. 

So, having the pelvis in a good state fetches us many advantages. In the case of pelvic floor dysfunction, women’s bodies suffer different problems, and specialized pelvic floor physiotherapy is available to get them back into the correct state. As the pelvic floor muscles support our body in different ways, it would be helpful to connect with a gynecologist. 

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