Personalized Care for Newborn’s Best Neonatology in Tirupati at Ankura Hospital

Newborns often face critical health issues that require your attention. Choosing an appropriate medical center for your newborn increases the likelihood of keeping them healthy. You must not make any compromise regarding the care you provide to your ill newborn and should make them avail of the best care at Ankura’s neonatology in Tirupati. 

Ankura Hospital has the best neonatal intensive care unit in Tirupati; we provide the best quality care to newborns and use practical measures to reinstate their medical health. We understand the medical needs of infants and incorporate our medical expertise into a kid-appropriate environment. Leaving it untreated for a prolonged period may cause severe adverse outcomes and lead to the need for extreme surgical measures.

Understand Neonatology

Neonatology is the branch concerned with treating the illnesses and abnormalities of newborns and infants. As a multispeciality hospital, we offer the best treatment for neonatology through our extensive care and team of doctors that make us known for our best newborn intensive care unit in Tirupati. 

Along with the robust infrastructure, we have skilled and experienced staff with appropriate expertise. They take the most practical measures that enable them to provide reliable treatments for newborns. They take into account all the relevant factors, like premature pregnancies, low birth weight, birth defects, breathing problems, etc., to provide the most appropriate care and treatment.

Our Facilities at NICU in Tirupati

Our reliable treatment has the efficacy to offer the fast recovery you wish to have for your newborn. Our robust infrastructure enables us to provide your infant with the best quality care and remain prepared for the most critical treatments. Following are the facilities we offer at our neonatal intensive care unit in Tirupati:-

  • Our NICU specialist is available at your service 24/7 and offers the best quality care. 
  • We offer ventilators that enable us to offer respiratory support for an issue or in case of an emergency. 
  • The ultrasound and echocardiography equipment available in our setting enables us to facilitate better diagnosis.

Ankura Hospital: the Best Choice for Your Newborn

At Ankura Hospital, we believe in delivering care that covers the holistic well-being of your infants. Our pediatricians, neonatologists, and other medical staff collaborate their efforts to provide the best quality care to your infant. At our neonatal ICU in Tirupati, we have gained positive remarks from patients who received treatment for their newborns from our end. 

You can also consult us if you are looking for a neonatal ICU in Vijayawada or a NICU in Khammam. We have our centers at many locations. So, connect with us at your earliest convenience.

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