Specialized Department for Newborns Neonatology in Madinaguda at Ankura Hospital

After birth, babies need to undergo a proper health checkup. As new parents, you must ensure your baby receives adequate neonatal care. You must know that some babies can be born premature or with congenital health problems. This is where our neonatology in Madinaguda comes into the picture. Neonatologists provide care to all babies so that they are healthy. 

Ankura Hospital is the most trusted women’s and children’s healthcare provider across India. If you are in Madinaguda and looking for the best hospital for your newborn’s health & safety, feel free to contact us. Our doctors offer adequate medical attention to mothers and babies from pre-pregnancy to post-childbirth. We regularly monitor and recommend the best lifestyle modifications to help you and your baby keep safe & sound. Our Department of neonatology in Madinaguda has experienced and qualified medical staff, enabling your baby to receive ultimate care. Additionally, we have a structured, fully equipped, and clean NICU in Madinaguda. If your baby suffers from mild or severe health problems, we can help him stay active. So, stay relaxed and contact us today.

Highly Functional & Hygienic NICU in Madinaguda at Ankura Hospital

We offer state-of-the-art services and facilities, ensuring a seamless birthing experience. You may not need to panic if your newborn is sick or critically ill, as we are here for you. 

Within our premises, we have a fully equipped newborn intensive care unit in Madinaguda. It is fully equipped with modern technology to diagnose and treat your baby precisely. We understand your concern for your little one. Thus, our healthcare experts provide immediate medical care, ensuring your baby’s overall well-being. Being India’s most trusted women and children healthcare provider, we comply with the rules and regulations. We, at Ankura Hospital, provide immediate medical attention to all newborns. 

Our neonatal intensive care unit in Madinaguda has a nurturing environment. Our baby may feel safe and comfortable. We promote cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring children and visitors may not develop any cross infections. The neonatal ICU in Madinaguda is designed in a way that helps doctors pay full attention to the baby’s movements & activities. Our team of doctors provides the best treatment tailored to your baby’s needs. Your baby’s health is our priority. So, stay relaxed and visit us today. 

Ensure Your Newborn’s Safety With Ankura Hospital!

As new parents, you must ensure your baby receives neonatal care. Doctors can minimize and treat health problems, if any. Ankura Hospital has multiple branches across India. Whether it is a neonatal ICU in Attapur or a newborn intensive care unit in Madinaguda, we offer the best services and treatment everywhere. 

If you are primarily located at Boduppal, you may not worry. We have a functional NICU in Boduppal, too. So, embrace your parenthood journey with us. 

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