Natural Birthing

A Trusted Hospital For Natural Birthing

A healthy pregnancy term can result in a healthy and natural birthing of the child. At Ankura Hospital, we commit to profound maternity care with regular and timely checkups and necessary precautions for our patients. We stick by your side for the best care, support, and comfort for an easy and natural delivery of the child. We organize necessary sessions for the parents-to-be to make their journey easier. Through the childbirth classes, you understand what happens during the course of labor and how to prepare for that phase. We provide counseling on pain, stress, and fear and address all the queries of our patients.

The Best Care For Childbirth With Normal Delivery

The natural birthing process involves childbirth without any medications to support the delivery process. At Ankura Hospital, we believe in a treatment that leads to a healthy delivery.  We have a team of experienced doctors and childbirth experts who prioritize efficient care that leads to the process of childbirth and a normal delivery process.  Parents-to-be, learn about epidurals and pain relief for labor. The obstetrician helps the parents understand the whole delivery process and pre and post-natal care. We are there to look after our patients and provide the best-suited treatment.

An Intricate Care During Labor For A Natural Birth

The professionals at Ankura Hospital are experienced and well-versed in delivering the best to our patients and providing comprehensive care from the beginning of your pregnancy journey to make it easier and more memorable for you. Our treatment promises a hassle-free birthing experience. You must meticulously follow the doctor’s advice and stick to the birthing plan with your OB-GYN. We understand that labor can be stressful and ensure that our patients receive a comforting environment and counseling to relieve the stress that leads to easy labor while promoting a natural birth.

Essential Steps And Treatment For Natural Labor And Birth 

The four stages of labor include the following – 

  • Firstly, the cervix commences to dilate and expand on an average of 10 centimeters in 12-13 hours of active labor. Early, active, and transitional labor are included in this stage of labor. 
  • A fully dilated cervix forms the second stage of labor, and in this, the baby is pushed out of the birthing canal. The stage involves medical help and support since it’s a critical stage of labor.
  • The third and fourth stages include the contraction of the uterus after childbirth and involve extensive nursing for the newborn and the mother. 

The doctors prioritize natural labor and birth to make the pregnancy and childbirth journey easier for the mother. 

We prioritize making the normal delivery painless by providing childbirth counseling and other treatments to our patients to make the parenting journey seamless and full of support and comfort. We promise a painless delivery irrespective of the method of childbirth. Our experts are well-trained and equipped for making your journey easy and comfortable. 

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