Common Causes for Preterm Labor and How to Treat it?

Common Causes for Preterm Labor and How to Treat it?

Common Causes for Preterm Labor and How to Treat it?

Preterm Labor

When the uterus tightens on a regular basis and the cervix begins to open, it is called labor. Labor is what allows the baby to enter the birth canal. Preterm labor is when this labor starts well before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Such early occurrence of labor can lead to preterm births. 

Common Causes 

Some of the commonly known causes of preterm labour are mentioned below:

  • Bleeding from the vagina
  • Hormonal changes
  • Infections
  • Stretching of uterus (if you’re carrying more than one baby)

Why Does Preterm Birth Happens in the First Place?

Preterm birth occurs for different reasons. A majority of preterm births occur suddenly while some happen because of an early induction of labor, or even by a caesarean birth. Some of the common reasons why preterm birth can occur may be multiple pregnancies, diabetes or high blood pressure. But sometimes, the actual cause is not known. In fact, the genes could have something to do with it. Perhaps a thorough analysis of the causes will help medicine find a solution to prevent preterm birth. 

Symptoms of Preterm Labor

  • Menstrual-like cramps
  • Backache
  • Diarrhea 
  • Blood in vaginal discharge
  • Contractions

Treatment for Preterm Labor

  1. Getting a good amount of bed rest could help.
  2. Tocolytic medicines will help in reducing and eventually, stopping contractions.
  3. Corticosteroids help in the growth of your baby’s lungs, because preterm babies have lungs that are unlikely to work independently. 
  4. Antibiotics can be prescribed when there is an infection. 
  5. A cesarean delivery will be the final option if the treatments don’t prove to be effective enough. 

Ways to Prevent Preterm Labor

Some preventive measures could include changes in your lifestyle. 

  • Stop smoking
  • Consult a specialist if you’re at risk for preterm labor.
  • Take note of the symptoms and be watchful. 

Whenever you visit your specialist, ensure you and your doctor constantly talk about the symptoms of preterm labor and normal labor. Consult a Gynecologist Near You if you experience symptoms that are alarming, we’d recommend you get medical attention right away. 

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