Get the best services for VBAC in Vijayawada at Ankura Hospital

Welcome to Ankura Hospital! Are you an expectant mother? Are you seeking advice for VBAC in Vijaywada? No worries; we are here to guide you. We understand your urge to have a normal baby birth experience. Your first child’s delivery happened with a cesarean and now you are looking forward to having a VBAC experience. 

At Ankura, we understand the needs of our expectant mothers. Hence, our professionals and gynecologists are here to help you throughout the VBAC labor and delivery in the Vijayawada journey. Join hands with us to understand VBAC and the services we provide to ensure your safe delivery.

What is VBAC delivery?

VBAC delivery is another normal delivery method. It is similar to normal delivery. If you have gone through a cesarean during your first child’s birth and now want a normal delivery for your second child, it is known as the VBAC delivery.

It is said that it is risky to make a VBAC delivery choice. However, it’s a misconception that, if you want, you can opt out of VBAC. It’s not like that; hence, if you want that VBAC to happen to you, you need to consult your gynecologists and understand the complications of it. VBAC delivery expectations require extra care and attention during pregnancy.

Extra care for VBAC delivery needs

It is a fact that mothers expecting vaginal delivery after C-section in Vijayawada need to take extra care of themselves during their pregnancy period. Here is how:

  • Brisk walks and regular exercise
  • Healthy dieting
  • Multivitamin and Iron Tablet Intake
  • Regular gynecologist consultation

How does Ankura help with VBAC delivery in Vijayawada?

  • At Ankura, we understand the needs of our expectant mothers; hence, we have a team of professionals and other staff who are dedicated to taking care of mothers and children pre- and postnatally.
  • VBAC delivery in Vijayawada services at Ankura Hospital is helping mothers experience normal delivery. 
  • Our professionals will guide you throughout the pregnancy period to overcome all the challenges of VBAC.
  • Our gynecologists have expertise in the field and they will provide you with the safety precautions and instructions that will be helpful for your VBAC birth in Vijayawada.
  • We know the concerns of expectant mothers’ families; hence, we provide customized guidance to all mothers according to their health condition.
  • We provide comfort, convenience, and safety measures while taking care of the mother and baby.


VBAC is completely safe if the expectant intakes a healthy diet and takes all the safety measures taught by her gynecologist.

Along with the VBAC delivery in Vijayawada, our VBAC in Gachibowli and VBAC birth in Pune services are also available at Ankura Hospital.

No, it is completely dependent on the patient’s health. VBAC is a natural process that cannot be opted out of according to the mother’s choice. If you want to go for it, you need to take extra care of yourself during the pregnancy period.

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