Guide to VBAC in Tirupati at Ankura Hospital

VBAC birth in Tirupati is now possible with Ankura Hospital! We understand the mother’s concern for safe labor and delivery services. Every pregnant woman looks forward to a normal delivery. However, it depends on the health and maternal condition.

Whether it’s VBAC or normal delivery, you need a professional gynecologist visit and continuous conversation with them during your pregnancy. We love to care for expecting mothers and provide them with a safe and comfortable environment during their labor and delivery. Explore with us to understand the rare conditions and complications of VBAC.

Explaining VBAC

VBAC is a term used for vaginal birth after a cesarean. Most mothers go through cesarean delivery with their first child. However, for the second child, with a gynecologist’s consultation, they can try for a normal delivery. 

VBAC lowers the risk and complications of multiple cesarean complications. While you are looking out for VBAC, it is important to understand that, though normal delivery is the dream of every mother, it needs a lot of attention and care during pregnancy. VBAC labor and delivery in Tirupati are available at Ankura Hospital.

Key Components for a Safe VBAC

It is highly recommended that you take care of yourselves while you are pregnant. VBAC is a rare decision that needs a lot of care and attention.

Here are the key components that you should consider if you want to experience a normal VBAC:

  • Visit your gynecologists for regular checkups and to maintain your healthy chart diet.
  • Consider all the safety and precautions guided by your gynecologists.
  • Do understand the complications of VBAC and ensure your healthy diet intake, prenatal yoga, brisk walking, and other ways to keep you and your baby healthy.
  • While your gynecologists encourage you to have VBAC, ask them for medicines if you feel weak or have dizziness in your body.
  • Deficiency of iron, folic acid, and other vital vitamins is very common in pregnant women. Ensure that you are taking tablets for the same according to your doctor’s prescription.
  • During pregnancy, avoid doing heavy exercises like weightlifting, running, and other activities that can harm your baby. Instead, choose morning and evening walks.

Why choose Ankura Hospital for vaginal delivery after a C-section in Tirupati?

Here are the reasons why you should consider us for vaginal delivery after a C-section in Tirupati:

  • We have a team of professionals who are dedicated to expecting mothers. We tend to provide them with the best comfort and safety services.
  • At our hospital, we ensure high-quality services and we take care of hygiene in our maternal wards.
  • We have advanced equipment, and we take safety measures wholeheartedly to avoid unwanted happenings during delivery and surgery.
  • We ensure that expectant mothers and their families feel comfortable and surrounded by the right environment during this new experience.


A study says that VBAC is not safe for diabetic mothers when compared to non-diabetic mothers. However, it depends on the health situation of the expectant mother.

Yes, VBAC has achieved 60–80% of the success rate all over the world. However, it is a process that a mother cannot opt out of according to her emotions or what she wants. It is a natural process and depends on the health of the mother and her baby.

VBAC in Vijayawada and VBAC birth in Gachibowli services are also available at the Ankura Hospital.
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