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C-section births have been normalized in recent years. Normal delivery seems to be inconvenient and risky after the c-section delivery. However, several mothers still prefer to give birth naturally.

Welcome to Ankura Hospital! VBAC birth in Khammam is now possible with the lowered risk rate. We are here to encourage mothers to explore and undergo VBAC delivery and have their desired delivery experience.

Understanding VBAC

Vaginal birth after a C-section is popularly known as VBAC. It is the normal delivery option for mothers who want to deliver babies naturally after cesarean delivery. However, its success depends on various factors, such as the reason for the previous cesarean, the uterine incision, and the overall mother’s health.

While it is considered a risky choice for women, it can be safe and successful too. An open connection between mothers and gynecologists is crucial to decision-making. VBAC delivery in Khammam at Ankura Hospital assures you of the best hospitality and lower risk factors.

Why choose VBAC?

VBAC is a safe delivery after one cesarean delivery. The question arises: why should you choose VBAC delivery? Compared to other birth-gi ving options, it is the safest choice for mothers who want to give birth without surgical complications. To experience vaginal childbirth, VBAC is an appealing and promising process.

If you’re planning pregnancies, keep in mind that VBAC could be helpful for you to lower the risk of multiple cesarean deliveries, such as placental problems. At Ankura Hospital, VBAC labor and delivery in Khammam is available for mothers looking for non-cesarean delivery.

Factors to Consider about VBAC

While it is considered the safest delivery method, there are a few risks too.

  • Before choosing VBAC, ensure that your cesarean surgery was not complicated during the first delivery.
  • Uterine rupture is one of the rarest risks that happens in 1% of women trying for normal delivery after cesarean delivery.
  • Cesarean scar breakage is another risk factor in VBAC surgery. However, it happens very rarely.
  • Reach out to your gynecologists before you opt out of VBAC.

Why choose Ankura Hospital for VBAC?

Vaginal delivery after a c-section in Khammam is becoming possible at Ankura Hospital. Here are the reasons why you should choose us:

  • We are the best VBAC center in Hyderabad. We understand the need and normal delivery urge of mothers; hence, we are providing safe and affordable delivery services near you.
  • We are dedicated to providing comfort and convenience for our expecting mothers.
  • Our gynecologists are trained, skilled, and knowledgeable.


If you already gave birth through cesarean delivery and didn’t have any extreme complications during that time, you are eligible for VBAC delivery.

Yes, VBAC delivery is completely safe. However, continuous conversation between mothers and gynecologists is highly recommended for a safe delivery experience.

Yes, our VBAC in Tirupati and our VBAC birth in Vijayawada are also available according to your convenience.
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