Vaccination Schedule for Children

Vaccination Schedule for Children

Vaccination is one of the fundamental and primary tools employed to ensure the long-term health as well as growth of the child. It provides protection against deadly diseases for the child and aids the overall growth and development in an unhindered manner. The importance of the vaccination program can be ascertained by the following:

  • Vaccination is often a lifesaving mechanism, offering protection to the child from deadly diseases that may not have conclusive treatment. Or might leave the child severely incapacitated. Diseases such as polio, smallpox etc., could have a crippling effect on the child but have been effectively eradicated because of universal vaccination drive.
  • Vaccination is both effective and safe, and therefore there is no reason to keep your child away from vaccination under any circumstances. While there are several myths perpetrated around, it is important to know that vaccination only helps and never harms your child. It may be associated with a bit of discomfort and mild symptoms, but it is conclusively safe for your child under all circumstances.
  • Vaccination is not just protection for the individual but also for the community, often times diseases are not effectively eliminated because vaccination doesn’t cover the entire community in an effective manner. Those left out from vaccination could end up being the carriers of the diseases and pass it on to others.
  • Vaccination prevents long term health costs by preventing diseases in the future that require costly treatment and hospital expenses. In some cases, it is by the prevention of disabilities or incapacitation or reducing ability to work and earn a gainful living.
  • Vaccination is a protection mechanism not just for the present but for the future generations as well. Over a period of time, effective vaccination can help completely eradicate certain deadly diseases and thereby offer complete protection to future generations.
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