Keep Your Children Healthy With PICU in Boduppal at Ankura Hospital

As a parent, it is your primary and most important duty to keep your children protected from any disease that may come their way. Even the thought of any medical emergency is terrifying for parents. However, when the moment arises, you must choose the best option for your kid. As a hospital, we do offer you the best PICU in Boduppal. 

Our PICU in Boduppal is equipped with all the medical amenities required to provide extensive care to children. We have a team of experts and doctors who diagnose the health conditions of your children and further provide them with the most appropriate treatment tailored to specific needs and conditions. We assure you of reinstating your child’s health condition with our efforts.

Medical Facilities We Offer at Our Pediatric ICU in Boduppal

As a center for pediatric critical care in Boduppal, we offer adequate treatment options for children & young adults. We have highly trained professionals who can do the needful to handle complex cases and emergencies. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment are dedicated to facilitating the best quality care and treatment for kids admitted to our hospital. 

With our pediatric intensive care in Boduppal, we focus on devising comprehensive treatment plans that reduce the risk of medical issues and provide your child with a healthy life. The following are the medical facilities we offer at our pediatric ICU in Boduppal:-

Pediatric Surgery & Pediatric Urology: Pediatric surgery involves treatments like neonatal surgery, cardiac surgery, pediatric oncology, etc., for treating specific conditions. Our pediatric urology department provides diagnosis and treatment relating to urological disorders like urinary infections, genital problems, and ailments found in the urinary tract, bladder, and genitals.

  • Endocrinology: We are equipped to treat issues relating to the endocrine system of your children. It enables us to ensure that your children have a good metabolism that is efficient in fighting potential diseases.
  • Cardiology: Our pediatric department safeguards the cardiac health of your children and provides adequate treatment with an abundance of medical amenities & invaluable expertise.

Why Choose Ankura Hospital?

Being the PICU hospital in Boduppal, we are one of the best choices for parents willing to provide their children with the right treatment. We have been providing treatment to children for years, and most patients have received an aspired level of recovery. 

Along with being the best with PICU units, we also provide other treatments & medical services. You can also consult us if you are looking for a neonatal ICU in Pune or pediatric intensive care in Kompally. Connect with us to receive the quickest & the best response.

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