Get Utmost Care for Your Child With Ankura Hospital’s PICU in AS Rao Nagar

Children’s health can be overwhelming and stressful for parents. When children require specialized treatments in critical conditions, they need to receive pediatric intensive critical care, which can be more challenging for you. Ankura Hospital understands it well and offers PICU in AS Rao Nagar and other locations, ensuring a child-friendly environment.

Comprehending Pediatric Intensive Critical Care (PICU)

Pediatric Intensive Critical Care (PICU) is a specialized section of the hospital used to treat severely ill children & young adults with utmost care. Our PICU in AS Rao Nagar provides the most advanced intensive care, 24/7 nursing care, and continuous monitoring of the heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure of your child.

Who Requires to Get Admitted to PICU?

At Ankura Hospital, we admit kids and young adults with critical conditions to our pediatric ICU in AS Rao Nagar. However, we offer specialized treatment to critically ill newborns in a NICU.

Most patients under 18 years and some patients with rare diseases who are older can be admitted to our pediatric critical care in AS Rao Nagar or other locations when required.

Your child might get admitted to our pediatric ICU in AS Rao Nagar if they are suffering from the following health conditions:-

  • Severe breathing problems from asthma
  • Serious infection
  • Complications of diabetes
  • Accidental injury
  • Surgery aftercare
  • Organ failure
  • Cancer
  • Physical trauma
  • Food poisoning

What Do We Offer at our Pediatric ICU in AS Rao Nagar?

At Ankura Hospital, our PICU units are incorporated with cutting-edge facilities to assure the well-being of your ill children. Our PICU hospital in AS Rao Nagar consists of healthcare experts, such as nurses, physicians, and specialists, with considerable knowledge to provide the best possible treatment.

Our PICU units have advanced medical technologies and the best infrastructure, aiding in augmenting recovery, lesser disability risk, minimizing pain, and increment in survival. Moreover, our health experts at pediatric intensive care in AS Rao Nagar ensure you will stay closer to your children having peace of mind.

Our PICU Includes

  • IV: Your kid in PICU has an IV for fluids and medicine available.
  • Medicines: Required medicines are there in the PICU to provide relief to kids & adults admitted.
  • Monitors: Your kid’s health condition is reflected on the monitors available in our pediatric ICU in AS Rao Nagar.

Ventilators: This helps kids & young adult patients properly breathe when they are in critical conditions and require support for breathing.

Ankura Hospital: Assuring the Well-Being Kids & Young Adults

Ankura Hospital is a trusted healthcare for women and children incorporated with innovative technology and state-of-the-art medical facilities. Our PICU in AS Rao Nagar is designed to treat complex illnesses, and our staff at PICU in Madinaguda and other locations are well versed, giving the utmost care to your child.

Make an appointment with us today if your kids need to be admitted to our pediatric ICU in Kompally, AS Rao Nagar, or other locations.

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