Get the best heart care for your child at pediatric cardiology in Tirupati

Greetings from Ankura Hospital! The biggest pain for parents could be discovering that their child has a health issue. We treat children and their hearts at our pediatric cardiology in Triupati. Our Tirupati cardiologists are committed professionals ready to offer your child the finest and most complete medical treatment. 

For your child’s cardiac treatment, our highly skilled team of cardiologists assists you in finding the best pediatric experts.

What services do we offer?

Our best pediatric cardiologist in Tirupati works with a team of skilled pediatric cardiologists, pediatric surgeons, doctors, and caring nurses to deliver highly specialized care. Our helpers support us as we treat your child’s illnesses and cardiac conditions.

At Tirupati Hospital, we have pediatric cardiac specialists who strive to ensure that your child has a healthy and prosperous childhood. Ankura Hospital is the place to go if you’re searching for a pediatric cardiologist in Tirupati. With our patient-centric approach and expertise, we offer your child complete healthcare, creating a unique patient experience.

When should I visit a cardiologist?

 A pediatric cardiologist should be consulted for any condition of your child’s heart.  

Symptoms and abnormalities:                    

  • Heart valve abnormalities
  • Heart muscle disorders
  • Septal defects (holes in the upper or lower chamber of the heart)
  • Trouble gaining weight 
  • Bluish color to the lip, nail, or tongue
  • Sweating while feeding
  • Getting tired while eating

Why pick Ankura Hospital?

Our priority is your safety and comfort. To give the greatest services and treatments and guarantee your child’s contentment and comprehensive care, our pediatric cardiac experts in Tirupati employ all the necessary methods and cutting-edge technologies.

Our Tirupati Center provides pediatric and cardiac services in addition to prenatal care.

Visit us!

You can schedule an appointment by visiting one of our top pediatric cardiology hospitals in the Tirupati branch or by using our official online appointment booking system. For women’s and children’s care, our hospital is regarded as one of the most reputable and top pediatric cardiology facilities in Tirupati.

Our staff is committed to improving the services according to the needs of customers and clients. We focus on being the best with our facilities and we support your child’s well-being and health care.

Along with Tirupati, we offer the best pediatric cardiologist in Vijayawada and the best pediatric heart specialists in Gachibowli.


On the official Ankura Hospital website, all the information is available based on your preferred location.

Your child will feel protected and comfortable at Ankura Hospital. We have the most skilled team of experts in cardiology and the most cutting-edge technologies.

Yes, we have multiple locations, including Vijayawada, Kompalli, Gachibowli, and many more. Visit Ankura Hospital’s official website for additional information.

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