Pediatric Cardiology at KPHB – Nurturing Young Hearts Key to Healthy life

Pediatric cardiology is a specialized branch of pediatric medicine which focuses on assessment and diagnosis of young hearts. It focuses on managing heart issues affecting adolescents. The branch of Pediatric Cardiology at KPHB under the pediatrics department dedicated to heart problems in children. Prevalent heart conditions in children can cause long term effects on them. These conditions can include arrhythmia( irregular heartbeat), congenital defects and in some cases acquired heart conditions. In pediatric cardiology, we gain insights into the possible effects, symptoms and impact of these conditions in a child’s life.

Looking for the best pediatric cardiologist in KPHB?

Consulting a pediatric cardiologist early on is essential in diagnosing any heart conditions. At Ankura hospital we believe in providing proper care and treatment. Early detection is a key factor in leading a healthy life and deciding the course of treatment.

Cardiac care for pediatric cardiology includes the following – 

  • Congenital heart diseases: These are the heart defects children are born with. These conditions are pre existing. They include heart valve problems,Holes in heart chambers and blood vessels which are abnormal in nature. 
  • Arrhythmia: this condition refers to irregular heart beats. Heart beats can be of multiple types such as tachycardia(too fast), bradycardia(too slow) which is due to abnormal electrical signals.
  • Blood pressure related issues– In some cases pediatric cardiologists may also have to treat high blood pressure of the lungs or the body.

Best Pediatric cardiology hospitals in KPHB for your Child’s care: Ankura Hospital

A child’s heart problem varies from an adult in many ways.Pediatric cardiologists are specifically trained to look for and treat issues with children’s hearts. They work closely with other health care providers such as pediatricians in order to be able to give comprehensive care. Your search for highly experienced pediatric cardiologists near me in KPHB ends here. At Ankura

hospital the team of committed experts ensure that your child gets the best care.The team consists of an expert panel of pediatric cardiology surgeons, physicians and nurses who follow a patient centric approach. 

Pediatric cardiology in KPHB is a specific department focused on the heart’s health of a child.With cutting edge technology for diagnostic purposes, Ankura Hospital strives to provide accurate evaluations. These help identify and decide the course of treatment.


The team of skilled and best pediatric cardiologists can treat the health conditions such as irregular heart beats, congenital abnormalities and sometimes can operate in some cases such as hole in heart valves.

It is recommended to consult a pediatric cardiologist to get an assessment of any heart condition. It is also suggested to consult pediatric cardiologist because it helps give a comprehensive report and can detect any irregularities .

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