Get the best pediatric cardiology in Khammam

Welcome to Ankura Hospital! Having a health problem in your child’s heart could be the biggest heartbreak for parents. At our pediatric cardiology clinic in Khammam, we serve children and take care of their hearts. Our Khammam branch is the 12th one, with dedicated experts to provide the best and most comprehensive healthcare for your child. 

Our highly experienced team of cardiologists helps you get the best pediatric specialists for your child’s heart care.

What do we provide?

To provide highly specialized care, our best pediatric cardiologist in the Khammam team includes a panel of knowledgeable pediatric cardiologists, pediatric surgeons, physicians, and compassionate nurses. Our assistants assist us in helping to treat your child with heart disorders and ailments.

Our pediatric heart specialists at Khammam Cardiologists want to make sure your kid grows up to be healthy and successful. If you are looking for a pediatric cardiologist near me in Khammam, Ankura Hospital is your destination. We provide your child with comprehensive healthcare with our patient-centric approach and our competence, which also makes for a special patient experience.

When should you visit a cardiologist for your child?

A pediatric cardiologist should be consulted for any condition of your child’s heart.  

Symptoms and abnormalities:                    

  • Heart valve abnormalities
  • Heart muscle disorders
  • Septal defects (holes in the upper or lower chamber of the heart)
  • Trouble gaining weight 
  • Bluish color to the lip, nail, or tongue
  • Sweating while feeding
  • Getting tired while eating

Why choose Ankura Hospital?

Your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Our pediatric heart specialists in Khammam use all the required techniques and advanced technologies to provide the best services and treatments, ensuring the satisfaction and complete treatment of your child.

We at our Khammam Center also offer services for pregnant women, along with pediatrics and cardiologists.

Our top-notch facilities include:

  • Expert panel of doctors
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Women and fertility care
  • 24/7 emergency care
  • Personalized treatment plans

Along with heart care, we also offer facilities and proper treatment for pregnant women at our Khammam institution.

Visit us!

To make an appointment, you can visit our best pediatric cardiology hospitals in the Khammam branch or you can book an appointment through our official online website. Our hospital is counted among the reputed and best pediatric cardiology hospitals in Khammam for child and women’s care.

Our staff is committed to improving the services according to the needs of customers and clients. We focus on being the best with our facilities and we support your child’s well-being and health care.

Along with Khammam, we offer the best pediatric cardiologist in Vijaywada and the best pediatric heart specialists in Tirupati.


You can find all the details on the Ankura Hospital’s official website according to your location preferences.

Ankura Hospital believes in providing comfort and safety to your child. We have advanced technologies and the best expert team in the field of cardiology.

Yes, we have several branches, including Kompalli, Tirupati, Vijayawada, and many more. For more details, visit the official website of Ankura Hospital.

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