Access Neonatology in Balanagar at Ankura Hospital

As new parents, it is essential to understand the importance of neonatal care for improving your baby’s health condition. If you are unaware of the term ‘neonatal care,’ no worries; it is the special care given to newborns, especially those who are premature and ill. Doctors can mitigate any health risk by providing immediate and adequate medical attention. 

Ankura Hospital is India’s most trusted children’s and women’s hospital. We have a specialized medical department for newborns called neonatology in Balanagar. Our neonatologists and other medical staff diagnose your baby thoroughly to ensure his/her safety and health. From addressing any potential risks to providing preventive measures & lifestyle changes, we have covered them all. Our NICU in Balanagar is designed in such a way that your little one feels safe. So, visit us today to ensure your baby is healthy.

What Do We Offer at Our NICU in Balanagar?

We have a well-structured and fully equipped newborn intensive care unit in Balanagar. We provide the best treatments to your little ones using state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment. Our medical staff offers a safe and nurturing environment to all critically ill and premature babies.

If your little one is born unhealthy, do not worry. Our expert medical team manages potential and existing health risks to ensure the safety of your baby. At our neonatal intensive care unit in Balanagar, we maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Your baby’s health is our priority. Thus, we are committed to offering the best care for all babies. 

At Ankura Hospital, we understand that every baby has unique needs. Thus, we offer the best treatment tailored to his/her needs. We have a specialized unit for ill babies – the neonatal ICU in Balanagar, to ensure your baby’s safety. With us, you have nothing to worry about. After childbirth, we provide medical care to the baby to help keep him/her safe & healthy. So, reach out to us today without much delay

Provide You Baby With the Best Neonatal Care With Ankura Hospital

Nowadays, many parents have understood the importance of neonatal care. It plays a vital role in:-

  • Ensuring the survival and overall well-being of newborn infants
  • Reducing infant mortality rates
  • Supporting premature or low birth weight babies
  • Monitoring and managing neonatal health conditions
  • Promoting early bonding and attachment between parents and newborns
  • Improving long-term outcomes and quality of life for newborns

Our Department of neonatology in Balanagar provides comprehensive care and treatments to babies. If your baby is critically sick, we have a specially designed neonatal ICU in Balanagar. Our doctors are round-the-clock in the neonatal intensive care unit in Balanagar to provide the best care to your little one.

Why Choose Us?

After birth, it is crucial to diagnose a baby’s health thoroughly. Some babies are either premature or with congenital disorders. This may lead to severe consequences. To minimize or eliminate health risks among infants, we have a particular sub-department of pediatrics- neonatology in Balanagar. 

At Ankura Hospital, our newborn intensive care unit in Balanagar is fully equipped with modern technology to diagnose and treat your babies precisely. We ensure your baby feels safe and comfortable. Being India’s leading healthcare provider, we comply with the rules and provide quality care.

You can visit our NICU in Boduppal or neonatal ICU in Madinaguda. You may find that the newborn intensive care unit is clean and safe in all of our branches. We do not compromise on quality of care. Every baby receives the best treatment and attention from us. Visit us today.

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