Newborn Care

postnatal care

Even post the 9 months and delivery, your maternal journey doesn’t end there! Now that you have officially welcomed your baby into the world, a lot of preparation goes into ensuring that your newborn receives the required care and medical attention. As parents, you would have to do your research on nurturing your baby, sustaining it and planning for the great future ahead. While it can be daunting for first time parents, we at Ankura try and make this transition as smooth and easy for you as possible.

Our expert panel of healthcare professionals ensure that a postnatal check is evaluated to provide immediate attention so your baby can adjust to its new- found surroundings, fight infections, and attain the expected growth curve at the earliest. Since your new born baby is stepping into the outside world and away from the womb, potential dangers are everywhere! The next plan of action should involve some level of learning & adjustment to speed up the process.

Therefore, New-born care  involves helping both, child & parents to cope with the physiological, emotional and health changes that might arise.

This also involves,

  • immunization schedule,
  •  regular health check-ups 
  •  detection of any postpartum health complications for the child.
  • identifying the child’s signs & symptoms
  • Dealing with simple and routine conditions
  • Administering medicines (if any). 

As a parent, it is important to give up habits that may be detrimental  to the health of the child  and to make your home a safe environment for your child. 

With all the above precautions, we are sure to create a memorable birthing experience for you!

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