Ankura Hospital: Labor and Delivery in KPHB

Welcome to Ankura Hospital! We are located at the center of KPHB. We offer inclusive healthcare for labor and delivery in KPHB. We are becoming the first choice for women looking for a peaceful and safe birth experience.

A Specialized Haven for Baby Delivery in KPHB

We are proud to be one of the best baby-delivery centers in KPHB. Our dedicated staff members will take care of the mother’s and unborn child’s health. Whether you choose to give birth naturally, by a cesarean section, or prematurely, we will be there to support, soothe, and care for you every step of the way!

The period of pregnancy and the baby’s arrival come to an end with delivery. Our gynecologists will take care of your baby pre- and post-arrival.

We provide specialized baby care and are proud to be one of the best labor and delivery hospitals in KPHB. Every step of this life-changing journey is managed with the highest care and skill. Our facilities and skilled doctors will guide you through and after delivery to avoid any issues.

Comfortable Environment and Advanced Technology

We understand the importance of a calm, cozy, and comfortable environment for mother and baby. At Ankura Hospital in KPHB, we provide all the advanced technologies and a comfortable environment to give women and their families a peaceful, comforting atmosphere in which to give birth.

Modern technology, along with advancements and experts in all departments, labor and delivery doctors in KPHB are available at Ankura Hospital to guarantee the best possible care during childbirth. We can provide a wide range of services, from high-risk pregnancies to ordinary deliveries, thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, guaranteeing the best possible outcomes for mother and child.

Why choose Ankura Hospital for Labor and Delivery in KPHB?

  • We have experts who will take care of mothers during labor and diagnose them accordingly.
  • Not every mother needs the same treatment; hence, we diagnose and understand the seriousness of the situation and treat them accordingly.
  • In cases where natural birth is possible, we don’t proceed with surgery or a cesarean section to give birth to the child.
  • We place the mother’s health as a priority while taking care of the child pre- and post-birth.
  • We provide special bed facilities and a private ward for our mothers according to their needs and preferences.
  • At our hospital, we have experienced professionals with expertise in the latest technologies and medical procedures. 
  • We look forward to giving you and your family a safe, comfortable, healthy, and heavenly birthing experience.


If you are looking for labor and delivery near me in KPHB, Ankura Hospital is the place for you. We have a team of experts providing comfort and a safe environment to all unborn babies and their mothers during labor and delivery.

Yes, Ankura Hospital’s labor and delivery in Banjara Hills and baby delivery in the Boduppal branch are also available for labor and delivery.

Yes, at Ankura Hospital, we provide post-delivery care for babies. Our experts will guide you thoroughly about the needs and understanding of parenthood.


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