How to Survive Winter Pregnancy?

How to Survive Winter Pregnancy?

Winter comes with chilled & dry air and can often lead to seasonal infections. That’s how pregnancy can sometimes be arduous for some mothers during cold months. The intake of some medicines during this period can be harmful, so you must be very careful and well-prepared. But the question is how to survive a winter pregnancy?

 With this article, let’s find the hot fixes to survive the cold snap. 

Top 10 Pregnancy Care Tips During Winter 

We’ve rounded the top practical tips to help pregnant women sail through the winter season without facing the severity. 

1. Wear a Warm Jacket

Staying warm during the winter is the most crucial task for you. Wearing a warm jacket is good for keeping the body warm. Rather than going to a thrift store to get a maternity coat for a few months, it’s best to buy a winter jacket that helps keep the body warm & cozy. As it can be tempting for you to wear the coat all the time, a jacket is more comfortable comparatively and helps you survive winters while staying healthy. 

2. Stay Hydrated

The cold winter weather causes people to avoid or unconsciously forget to drink water, which is bad for pregnant women. The body needs more water in winter since the air is so dry. Trying to replace water with other liquids will be challenging. The most excellent approach to keep the body hydrated is with water, even though coconut water and juices are great alternatives. You can also set reminders on your phone to get notifications for drinking water. You must be aware of how much water you must consume daily. Dehydration can cause preterm labor as well as several other issues.

3. Get a Flu Vaccine Shot

According to the doctors for pregnancy, the immune system weakens, and being vaccinated against the flu is advised during this period. The ‘Centers for Disease Control’ have determined that the flu vaccine is safe for expecting moms and unborn children. You can protect yourself and your child by getting a quick shot in the form of a vaccine to help you prevent the difficulties that the flu can cause.

4. Be Snugly Attired

Pregnant women should dress in layers to add or remove items as needed as the winter gets harsh. What to wear during pregnancy in the winter has always been a perplexing issue. There are several possibilities to adapt to the changing weather, such as wearing a tank top or t-shirt, a cardigan, a buttoned shirt, or a thin scarf. There are inventive methods to appear stylish while also keeping yourself warm.

5. Indulge in Regular Exercise

It is challenging to go for a stroll when it is freezing because the lungs feel as though they are full of icicles from the ice-cold and chilly air, and it is especially challenging for women who are pregnant. To keep you healthy and safe, several indoor exercises can be a great replacement. To stay active and fit during pregnancy in the coldest months, you can visit a nearby indoor pool, join a gym, visit a nearby mall, or purchase a yoga mat and yoga DVD. 

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6. Wash Hands Regularly

The most straightforward approach to avoid germs is to wash your hands frequently, especially while pregnant. It’s crucial to wash your hands after running errands before interacting with any relatives or friends. Use hand sanitizer if there isn’t a sink nearby. It would help if you adequately washed your hands after using the restroom and before eating anything, keeping in mind the protection of the unborn child.

7. Stay at Home If Possible

Your body becomes more sensitive to illnesses while you are pregnant. Extreme weather exposure can be dangerous, and bacteria can hurt the mother and the unborn child. Due to severe weather, several women get the usual cold and cough. After leaving the warm and cozy house, the sensitive body of the pregnant woman gets some time to get used to the new environment of the chilly winds outside. It will help if you postpone all outings until the weather improves and it is safe for you to go outside.

8. Focus on Your Diet

Another pregnancy care tip during winter is to pay special attention to your diet. Winter brings a host of illnesses, including the flu and runny nose. To avoid illness, fruits should be a mandatory part of the diet at this time of year. You should include a lot of fruits in your diet if you are pregnant and avoid over-the-counter medications. Your immune system will be strengthened by eating fresh fruits and Vegetables, which will also help to keep your body hydrated. Saffron in milk or your diet will keep your body warm and safe. However, you must consult your doctor before consuming anything. 

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9. Moisturize Your Skin

During pregnancy, the skin undergoes many hormonal changes. It can become dry & harsh when it gets in contact with a chilly winter breeze as it steals the moisture from the skin. That’s why the skin requires special care during pregnancy. It’s best to use lukewarm water and avoid hot water baths. Apply moisture immediately after bathing as the pores of your skin are open, providing maximum benefits. 

10. Regular Check for Cold

Pregnant women are more likely to fear taking any counter medicines, which is obvious. However, if you’ve been suffering from a cough or cold for three more days, you should visit your doctor and get it treated. 

Wrapping Up

Winter pregnancy is excellent if you love cold weather. But the fact is that you need to take special care during the cold months to stay healthy. However, if you are facing problems and want to survive a winter pregnancy, you can contact Ankura Hospital. This hospital for women has a team of professional doctors and the latest technologies that help with every minor-major pregnancy-related issue.

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